Purchasing a used 2 Star


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BTW: I found these at the local hardware store and they are great for storing pellets.

Thanks for posting, Matt. I knew there had to be something out there for storing pellets. Is it easy to "dump" pellets back into the storage bucket - is the lid/opening big enough to catch all the pellets? Or have you tried that yet?


I'm a bit too lazy to take the entire top off the container and use its open lid instead. I do place my hand against the right side of the dump door to help redirect the pellets into a more compact stream.


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For pellet storage, I found food grade 5 gal. plastic pails I get at Home Depot, along with easy removal snap on lids. They're type II HDPE, inexpensive and the same buckets I use for brining ham, bacon , etc. For anyone interested, they have a food grade sticker on them so you know which ones they are. They're in the paint section where the paint pails and buckets are, usually on the end. Look in the back of the stack, as they seem to get pushed to the rear.
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