Queen Creek Arizona Big Poppa Smokers Results

Big Poppa

1st in Pork
3rd overall
10th Brisket
10th Chix
11th Ribs

Off to Tuscon week after next....

We were a little over 3 point from GC..

We are happy and excited and hop to raise some of these positions

Big Poppa

We all wish we could cook again today it was close..>Competition is funny...Everybody thinks that they are better than the judges do....we praise the pork table and curse the rib table....but when we look back on past comps where we didnt think we were judged fairly....we usually agree with it because we have learned so much more since that comp. ALl the talk of judging is always funny to listen to...out here Rhythm and Que and Harry Soo routinely dominate so ity really works out....we were lucky enough to barely beat both of those teams this week
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