Ready to buy May 1st - Here are my hang ups....

Joe Yeti

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to you all I have upped my budget considerably so I can include the MAK 2 star in my decision. I have only found one thing on another Pellet that MAK does not offer.

Green Mountian Grills Wood Fired Pizza oven Attachment | Sportsman's Warehouse

Green Mountain Grills Wood Fired Pizza oven Attachment

Here is a video of it working at 900 degrees. Exploring Sous Vide Public Group | Faceboo

THIS would be GREAT. I have a full size wood fired Pizza oven and it takes more than 4 hours to get it that hot. Being able to do this on a pellet grill is fantastic. Has anyone tried to use this on a MAK?


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Go with the MAK. I bought mine 2 years and it is awesome. And it's backed by a company who sets the bar for customer service.

Joe Yeti

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I appreciate the posts! i am a pizza snob, if they take longer than 120 seconds to completely cook and caramelize with great leoparding you aren't cooking hot enough. I make santa maria pizzas with 00 flour. My pizza oven runs between 850 and 900 degrees. If I can't get that elsewhere it is no big deal. I just thought it was a GREAT concept that allowed the pellet grill to get those temps - the steak searing at those temps is amazing.

THAT said, Green Mountain Grills is not a contender, they still use the old iron type of ignitor for one thing. Same with the Yoder. The ONLY other grill that I see that is in line is the Rec Tec 700. It is less money for sure and still seems to have amazing customer service.

The latest MAK is BBQ art, there is no doubt, but the REC TEC is pretty damn nice too.Just stuck between the 2.


I've cooked on Rec Tecs, and they are indeed a "damn nice" cooker and not a bad way to go (the best of the imports in my opinion).

BUT... as good as the Rec Tec is, MAK Grills are unmatched when it comes to quality of materials used, overall construction, and versatility/features.

And don't be fooled by a MAK's seemingly smaller cook chamber. A barrel-shaped lid might look more traditional, but it limits head room for a second shelf and how far out you can place taller items. MAK's lid design and vertical space allow for a full upper rack, effectively doubling it's capacity!

I have no trouble fitting four full-sized whole pork shoulders (or 8 butts/picnics) for the annual Marching Band BBQ I do every summer for band camp. 2016 Annual Marching Band BBQ!

Here are a few links showing some of the MAK features & quality:

2017 MAK FlameZone, Searing Grate & Griddle - Detailed Review!

MAK Grills Tech Talk, Fan and Air Flow

MAK Grills Tech Talk, Auger and Auger Motor


Do your research and you will be hard pressed to find any discouraging reviews on MAK's, they are that good!
My advice: Buy-once-cry-once.
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