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Reverse Sear


New member
In a reverse sear, is the meat (steak), smoked, removed from the grill, placed in the warmer side, and heated to 500*? After the grill reaches 500*, do you then place the steak back on the grill? Haven't done this yet, but would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

Big Poppa

you dont have to hit 500 and you dont have to put it in the warmer....400+ will get it done...its a fabulous way to cook meat especially steaks


...and you dont have to put it in the warmer.

Yep, I usually just put them on a platter and tent with foil while the grill is heating up for the sear.

If I'm using the searing grate, I go ahead and put it in at the beginning of the cook and place the steaks on the upper rack for the smoke. That way the searing grate is absorbing heat the whole time. Then after I remove the steaks to heat up the grill, as long as the grill is above 400° I get a decent sear.

Another option for searing, if you have one, is to give the MAK Griddle a try and be amazed at the results. You don't get the pretty grill marks, but the trade off of getting that caramelized Maillard effect across the entire surface, more than makes up for it. The MAK Griddle is very under-rated for searing.


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Thanks a bunch guys. You answered my questions, and I am going to try this. I had in my mind a steak should have some smoke before it goes to the table, but I wasn't sure how to do it. I did smoke for 1/2 hour and turned the heat up to 450* until the steak was 138*. This worked well, but I am going to try this your way. I really appreciate it. Take care.
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