Rib Roast Flavor help......Please


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So I thought I'd do a small rib roast today (3 lbs) in prep for New Years day. I followed BPs tips, cooking between 225 and 250 until I had an internal temp of 130 (more med rare for my wife). Pulled, tented, and let sit for approximately 40 mins while I did everything else.

The issue I'm having here is the flavor. For some reason, it tastes kind of like ham. Yes, the foil was new. And yes, the grill was clean. So I'm wondering if it's the pellets. Could hickory pellets make it taste like ham?

Any suggestions / help is greatly appreciated.



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I have no idea why ham taste...oversalted? what kind of pellets? the foil wont do it either.....try big poppas double secret or Big Poppas Little Louies Garlic salt with black pepper...easy sale there big boy!


I can see how the flavor would be different than what you might have expected. Hickory has a bacony, salty sort of flavor and smell. And smell influences what you taste. So yes, the hickory may be what did it.

I remember the reaction my family had the first time I did steaks using hickory. They weren't overly thrilled.

You might try oak next time. It's more of a non-descript smoke flavor that works well with steaks. Or try something bolder, since it's beef, like Black Walnut.

Last year for New Year's day we did our rib roast in the Weber Kettle and used a packet of Jack Daniels pellets and the flavor was incredible. So, this year I'll mix some Jack Daniels Pellets in with oak pellet in the hopper like this:


This trick works really well with no ash issues. I can't wait!


How long did you rub it before cooking it? If you left your rub on for extended period of time that can give you a "hammy" flavor as well.


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btw just like the ernie ball forum no pics no roast!

Okay but don't laugh at me. Remember, I'm a rookie and very sensitive. :rolleyes: Also, I shot this with my iPhone, so, it's no art shot.


The shrimp were marinated in garlic ginger soy sauce I made up. The potatoes are red, sliced thin and baked (on the traeger), and the bread is home made and baked in the oven (not brave enough to bake bread on the traeger yet).

I didn't use a rub on this roast. I roasted some garlic in olive oil and rubbed with that.

I'm pretty sure it's the pellets (after reading TentHunters response). Maybe I'll try this again using oak.

Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it.


ps - has anyone checked their cholesterol lately? Seems like I'm eating more red meat.


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That's the view I'd like to have of that plate!! (hovering over it with a knife and fork)

PS. LDL is 77 as of two weeks ago. :cool::cool:


I second that double secret recommend.

Other than that, salt, pepper, granulated garlic (Santa Maria) makes a very workable rib roast rub in a pinch.
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