Ribs on the Mak 2


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First attempt at ribs on the Mak. Looking at the size of these you may tempted to call me a liar but these are Baby Backs. When I bought the package they were so big I thought there were two racks in the package. I used the Last Meal Ribs recipe on Amazing ribs, which is basically just cook at 225 until they're done. After 6 hours and 30 minutes at 225 I got tired of waiting and cranked it up to 275. Even then these fat bones still took 7:45 to cook. Totally worth the wait though and if this had ended up being my last meal I'd have been OK with that.

De-membraned, De silver skinned, trimmed, and rubbed with Memphis dust

Part way through the cook

Passed the bend test, off for the sauce

Sauced with Williamson Brothers

Sauce set on smoker for 15 minutes

The smoke ring goes pretty much all the way to the bone

Served with Cauliflower Puree, Arugala mushroom salad, and Saddleback Zinfandel

Check out that bite!


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Is the cauliflower puree meant as a a low-barb mashed potato alternate?

It is. The missus is on a low carb diet and is taking me along for the ride with her! I do miss my carbs at the dinner table, but am willing to make the sacrifice to be supportive.
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