Ribs on the Memphis


I just wanted to be the first to post a pic here.



No tricks, no secrets.

St. Louis cut spares

Pull the membrane
Smear w/ mustard
3 eyz rub
3 hrs at 225* w/ hickory and apple pellets
foil w/ a little butter, honey, and brown sugar
2 hrs at 225*
remove foil, and back on the grill naked for about 30 minutes at 225*
put on all the Big Bob Gibsons Red sauce that you can get them to hold(both sides)
30 more minutes at 225*

Eat 'em!


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can't you buy the big bob gibsons sauce and the rub on big poppa web site. ribs look real good.


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Get Chris Lilly's book on Gibson and you can make all the Gibson sauce you need (recipe's in there).
(Thanks, Big Poppa.) ;)

Big Poppa

Pete you will never go back....put a little tiger sauce in there while you are at it If you use butter clarified works better doesnt burn as quickly
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