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Alright we all love to smoke our food. It's an art. Another great art.... Homemade Chili. Who makes it on here and any one ever compete? I love adding smoked stew meat to get the flavor I want. We used some Texas Jelly this time and other secrets tonight. Whats your chili recipe?

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Im not telling but a cookioff is on the horizon...and it can be done quite nicely on the pelletcooker or your drum


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I did this on my memphis pro over the weekend.

Cube the chicken, smoke on 200 for a half hour, add seasoning/chicken broth, peppers....smoke for about two hours, eat.

Tasty and healthy too.

Thom Emery

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We had Chili as a side category at the Stagecoach Music Festival BBQ Championships a couple or years ago
It was a lot of fun....

Chili is what you make when those first few Briskets do not come out like you wanted
Really Brisket Chili or Brisket n Bacon BBQ Beans....... outstanding

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I beleive anything with hooves can be in your chili...

Now the eternal questipon......the fat side up or down argument of chili....beans or no beans?


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Hey, even I know to cook it fat cap UP!

This side of the East Coast mason/dixon line there are beans in chili.
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