Sis in Law is the Judge Im doubling the money this weekend! Enter!

Big Poppa

Ok here we go.....

It's a holiday.....My sister in law won last week.....I can combine the two and torture her by making the judging really hard.....

So this week and this week only I want to shatter all records......Im paying

First Place $50.00 Big Poppa Store Credit
Second Place $30.00 Big Poppa Store Credit
Third Place $20.00 Big Poppa Store Credit

Every entry gets $10.00 Store Credit!

I was going to make a minimum number of cooks but I think this is enough motivation

Get those pellet cookers a smokin!

Go get em Sis!


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ps: the judging will be done Tuesday night after the holiday smoking weekend. Believe me, this will be harder on me than it is on any of you. In fact, I should be paid. The winner will be required to send me their $50. Thanks a bunch.

Now, let's get smokin'!


Venison Summer Sausage & Pepperoni Snack Sticks

Alright Sis, here's goes the first entry:

Last week local football legend, Coach Rudy Sharkey, stopped by the shop to bring me a cooler full of venison that included 10 tubes (1 1/2 lb ea.) of very lean ground venison. The deal was that he'd supply venison and I'd make some summer sausage.

I used 7 tubes (10 1/2 lbs) and mixed in 2 1/2 lbs of ground beef fat trimmings from the butcher to give me roughly an 80/20 mix.

The Summer Sausage cure mix: pickling salt, Cure#1, fresh cracked Pepper, mustard seed & powder, coriander, garlic, brown sugar & powdered buttermilk.

Thirteen pounds of summer sausage mixed up, covered tightly and put into the fridge for the 3 day curing process.

After a 3 day cure, 10 lbs of the sausage was stuffed into cotton casings and the other 3 lbs had additional spices mixed in to make pepperoni snack sticks:

Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes & ground Fennel Seed.

Cold smoked for 4 hours using Sugar maple pellets in foil pouches for smoke (I love the sweet smell & flavor this gave).

Raised pit temp and cooked to an internal temp of 150° brought inside to cool & bloom on some wire racks.

To get a little drier texture, some of the pepperoni sticks went into the dehydrator overnight and the rest went into a paper bag to dry in the fridge for a couple days (per NePas' suggestion). I'll be interested to see the taste/color difference.

A couple of closeup shots:


They taste good (coach thought so too)!

Thanks for looking.

P.S. - Coach Sharkey was one of those educators that just understood kids & had a positive impact on many lives, (including mine - even though I was a band geek & not a football player). Coach picked up his sausage this morning and after trying some of both the sausages said, "You get an 'A' on this one!" :)


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Pizza night!

Decided to do some pizza tonight. I have a quick whole wheat crust recipe that I use when I haven't planned ahead.

Pepperoni and veggies tonight. I'm not a huge pepperoni fan but this pepperoni is awesome.....


started the pellet grill and some charcoal in the weber kettle (this was a test, first pizza in it)

put an old stone on a pizza pan and into the weber, the stone was about 450 when I put the pizza on , some oak pellets in there for a little smoke



pepperoni in the pellet grill

the leftover toppings on the last one - in the pellet grill - lost the pic :(

all three

Pizza and a Fat Tire


Pulled Pork Sammies Part 1

Work has been crazy busy so not much smoker time have I had. Wife has been bugging me to do some pulled pork for other recipes, so last night I was able to make it, fulfill her request, and get some sammies out of the deal.

Started with a little butt and injected with SOW Pork Marinade



Went off into left field and decided to toss it in the Marinade Express to see what would happen


Hit it with Carolina Treet and Plowboys Yardbird


Onto the MAK for an overnight ride


Hopper full o BBQers Delight Peach, Pellet Boss program set, I'm going to bed

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Pulled Pork Sammies part 2

Good morning sunshine! Pellet Boss took care of business as usual. Ran a program running @225 until an IT of 140 and the bumped it to 275 until we hit an IT of 195. Pulled @195 and then FTC until ready for pulling


Did the wifes Mac and Cheese on the MAK while pulling the pork


Out of the cooler and ready to pull


So moist


All pulled


Mac and Cheese is ready


Dinner is served- Sammie topped with Big Bob Gibson red, a little slaw, and a nice cold Stone Pale Ale


This came out great and was by far the juiciest pork I have ever done. SOW pork marinade was awesome as usual but i think the ride in the marinade express really kicked it up. Great Sammies and now I am looking forward to some killer leftover pork recipes.
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Stuffed Meatloaf and roasted Potatoes

This is my first time being brave enough to post anything here.... so be gentle!

Made a bacon weave after reading so many posts that have included this.
Lesson learned: buy better/more uniform bacon for this.


Used Meatloaf mix meat from BJ's (never tired it before...) into a gallon ziplock to flatten it. Sprinkled MAK Mesquite rub on the inside of the bacon then put the meatloaf mix on top of the bacon. Seasoned the meat with MAK Mesquite, Garlic Dude Dust.
Softened onion bell pepper with EVOO, Jalapeno salt and pepper in a pan and let cool. Added the mixture along with sliced up pepperoni, Gorgonzola cheese, shredeed Mexican cheese and some jelepano pieces that were left over from stuffed peppers.


Wrapped up in the frogmat with baking elastics and ready to go.


Cut potato wedges to go with it. Seasoned with EVOO and smoked paprika chipolte seasoning. Placed them under the meatloaf to collect some of the bad stuff ;)

300 for 1.5 hours or so ready to pull:



We enjoyed it and the neighbors smelled the cooked going and wandered over.. all the meatloaf was gone at the end of the night. This came out very good and my wife had no idea what I was making.. she laughed and is worried about having to buy bigger clothes after this summer!

Big Poppa

Better get her a gift certificate for Big Annas....(There isnt one just having fun)

You guys we need more cooks..Light those fires...Make sis in law reach for the cold wine to douse the hbot sweats


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Patrick - that is awesome looking. are you sure it's gone, I know how to get to Southbury

I have been kicked out of my kitchen today - rumor is that there will be bacon weaving going on.....


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My BBQ lunch for non-bbq lovers yesterday. The pictures are scarce due to chaos in the house but the entire MAK top and bottom rack were full!
Menu was:
Stuffed mini sweet peppers (cream cheese, xtra sharp cheddar, scalllions and Garlic Dude dust for the non spice loving people.)
Stuffed Japs (cream cheese, xtra sharp cheddar, sliced mini andouille sausage, jalapeno salt and bacon on top.
Stuffed mushroom caps with the same 2 fillings (more or less)
Chicken legs and wings. only salt pepper and a little garlic on half (no other spice allowed due to a mixed audience)
Chicken legs and wings seasoned with Weber kicken chicken,smoked Paprika chipolte season, chipolte hot sauce and left to marinate.
Chicken breast skewered served with Sate sauce (peanut butter, milk, sambal, galic...)

Chicken wings and legs all on the racks (love these!) Fit on the upper rack of the 2 star.. I was surprised.

On the table.. but nobody waited long enough for me to take a pic. They loved the peppers and mushrooms but were not brave enough to even try the Sate.

It was a good picnic lunch on a beautiful day in CT!

smoker pete

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Squash Casserole with a side of Marinaded Cherry Smoked Chicken Breast

This Squash Casserole calls for some zucchini and yellow/crooked neck squash, red onions, mushrooms, a can of stewed tomatoes, minced garlic, and seasoning.


Over the years I've cooked this in the microwave but decided to use my Infra Red roaster.



Marinaded some bone-in chicken breasts in the Marinade Express using 2 cups of Yoshida's. Vacuum sealed them for a few hours till I was ready to toss them on the MAK.


Setpoint to SMOKE for 1 hour using American Broadleaf 60/40 Cherry pellets.


Slapped together a few ingredients for a bit of Macaroni salad. Wanted to give the ingredients a little time to blend and chill. Macaroni, olives, eggs, celery, Kosher Dill pickles, mayo, and spices. Also mixed in some crumbled cooked bacon.


After an hour of smoke, Setpoint to 325ºF till IT reached 165ºF.


Chow time!! Squash Casserole, Cherry smoked Bone-In Chicken Breast, Macaroni Salad, Garlic Bread, side of taters, a shot of vino, and a nice Alaskan Amber.


The money $shot ... Bon Appétit ...



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WOW,all that wonderful looking food is making me hungry. I am starting to think of ideas...Did I mention that I bake and and have a surdough starter that is going in 13 years old?


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Kind of new here, What's involved in this contest and it reads like a every weekend thing? Tell me more please

weekly contest, just post your weekend cook. You can enter more than one entry. Has to have pellets involved. Judging is usually done Monday evening but looks like SIL is doing Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. If you win first place you are the judge for the next week. Big Poppa awards prizes (thanks BP!)


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looks delicous!! Where did you get the wing racks?

Thanks!. Lowes had them for 7 dollars.. they are great. 12 drumsticks and 10 wings per rack. I used 2 to separate the seasonings. I really need a marinate express.. that chicken breast looks awesome!
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