Smoked stuffed burgers


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Made these a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to post them until now. I had company over when making them so no cooking pictures, sorry.

Tried a stuffed burger recipe I found online - Hickory Smoked Colossal Fair Burgers* - Onion burgers! ground beef, maple sausage and* pineapple Slow cooked on a Traeger Texas Smoker

Cooked some bacon, cooked some sweet onions & chopped jalapeno until the onions were caramelized, added some grave and a bit of happy ending. Made 10 burger patties, adding sharp cheddar, onion/pepper mixture, and bacon as the stuffing. The insides of the burgers were given a coating of Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction, the outside Eat BBQ Zero To Hero. Smoked at 230 /w Mesquite pellets until IT was 165, about 2 hours. Brushed with Sweet Baby Ray's/honey/happy ending.

The finished product with a coke can for scale; these things were huge (about 1lb). The one with extra cheese is my wife's.


One sliced open so you can see the filling:


And fully plated /w fried & ABT's:



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Can't go wrong with a stuffed burger!! Never thought of brushing BBQ sauce on my burgers, may have to try that out.
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