SmokiN on the 1 Star


A nice quick dinner for the fam bam.... Enjoy!

I bought these sirloin steaks at Winco. I marinaded The Head Country the day before then I added Double Secret

Off they went.... right in the grill grate

In the mean time I melted butter and added little louie' & garlic & herb...
Sliced a sourdough bread not all the way to the bottom just enough so I can pull a cube out.
In between I added cheese: Colby jack, Monterey jack, swiss cheese.
Added the melted butter on top. Here is what it looked like after:

I didn't have bacon or else I would have stuffed it with bacon too!

Off to the smoker:

look at the meat.... Mmmm... I did well done...

I made mashed potatoes, grilled some onions and mushrooms. Sorry no pictures of that...

The bread was delish!

I had to make me a chavela (Clamato which is tomato juice, beer, lemon, and a hot rim on Cuckoo Racha Chili Dust)

Posting made me hungry... What should I cook next??
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