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Smoking Beef Roasts?


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I am seeking help from the many experts on this site. Our family raises Natural Beef, and we get our beef in whole or 1/2 beef. As you may expect we get a lot of roasts, and I would like to smoke/grill these for the family. I have done a lot of briskets, steaks, tri-tip on my MAK and we love it. I am trying this: Do a dry rub of worchestershire sauce, EVOO, mustard with Montreal Steak Seasoning. I will smoke for three hours and up temp. to 275*. I will remove at IT of 145* and rest for at least 1/2 hour. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.


Remember, the internal temp is going to rise a good 10° after you take it off, so pulling it at 145° will yield a final I.T. of around 155° give or take a couple of degrees. So... if you want it to be Medium-Well, then your game plan of pulling it off at 145° is good.

If you want it to be more rare, pull it off at around 120°ish. For Med-Rare around 130°ish. Of course, adjust it to your liking.

I usually pull roasts off at 132° - 135° and it will rise usually up to around 144°ish for the upper end of medium rare to medium, and our family seems to like it that way.

Again, that's neither right nor wrong, just a preference on how well you like it cooked.

As far as seasoning, your game plan looks good. If you're using mustard, then I don't know if the EVOO is even needed. The mustard will work great as a glue for your seasonings (I use brown mustard a lot on beef roasts). Just remember that the only seasoning it will get is on the outside, so I tend to salt roasts a little heavier than I might other cuts of meat.

Be sure to get some pics to show us of how it turns out!
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