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Spatchcock Chicken - First Cook on my Memphis Pro!


New member
Spatchcock chicken is the only way we will eat chicken at home after this cook. It's just too easy and too good!

Preheated the Memphis Pro to 325, it was up to temp in less than 15min.

Cut the backbone out of the chicken, break the breast bone, a little olive oil, Desert Gold, Little Louie's w/Pepper, a little Money, and a light dusting of Cuckoo Racha.

Put it directly on the grates (indirect flavorizer shield ON). About an hour and 15 min, pulled it when the breast was at 165. No plated/cut pics, I was too busy trying to get everyone's fingers out of the way of my knife/off of the cutting board! My family has requested Spatchcock chicken for dinner once per week now. It's easy, so I really don't mind :)

Thanks for looking!
That looks great. I did my first turkey like that 2 weeks ago and it turned out great. I'm with you. I don't think I'll ever cook another bird the traditional way again.

So Cal Smoker

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Now that's a bird that could grace any table. They say we eat with our eyes first; well I just devoured that chicken. Great cook Jessie.


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Thanks everyone! I'm already itching to do a turkey... I just need to find an excuse to have a few people over for dinner!
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