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continued cook

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For the scalloped potatoes I buttered the pan, sliced the potatoes, and layered the bottom of the pan with the potatoes with Desert Gold. I then added a layer of sliced onions toped with butter and then chedder cheese. I continued for three layers. I then covered foil. I cooked for one hour at 350, then removed the foil and cooked until browned. For the chicken breast I used garlic evo, Yardbird and pulled an IT of 163.
It was a very successful cook. Thanks for looking. JRR

Meat Man

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Saint Louis Spares w/ Chicken Breast

Good thing my family likes BBQ. Working on the competition profile. Saint Louis Spares with some Chicken Breast and German Potatoe Salad side.

I like the looks of those.

Hey Sparky Money Shot.

Loaded Up, love my MAK.

Finish glaze, tweaked the Wicked Good BBQ recipe (great book).

Plated, little fuzzy, great ribs. May have a winner!

Honestly not much room for dessert but a heck, why not.

Thanks for letting us play BP.


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ribs 4 me.

sunday afternoon. outside doing some yardwork having a FT. i'm hungry. rib time. ya, my favorite food group.

a good friend send me some meatsnack meatluv from illinois. he told me he loves it on ribs. good enough for me. also got me some JH sugar maple rub w/ jalapenos. needed clue. so, i busted out one of my favorite clues. BPS pomegranate balsamic glaze. cool.


all dressed up and nowhere to go.


time for a little VooDoo Schmear.


put it on thick. look, melting good stuff.


ohhhh. nice.....


time for some sauce. four men and a pig spicy. the name says it all. right up my ally.

ingredients: kethup, dark brown sugar, honey, molasses, jalapeno juice, chopped garlic. all my favorite food groups.


look good w/ sauce.


no flash. man, those are pretty looking ribs.


took them inside to let rest. not long though.


cut them up. me and the mrs sat at the kitchen sink and ate the whole rack. when we got done i got a little kiss on the cheek. i love my wife. don't know what she see's in me though. must be the cuteness that jeanie see's.


a nice afternoon.


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Learning the ME

Tried the Marinade Express for a couple things tonight.

Chicken thighs and Breast using the garlic butter marinade that came with it.. I used no other seasonings just to see how it works. 20 minutes spin and onto the MAK at 300. Bumped it up to about 350 to finish.


Seasoned up some asparagus with garlic EVOO and Dude Dust.

All Done:

My son (3.5)took this pic, it is not a pretty plate but the chicken was really good and he was proud of the pic (haha) The flavor got through a lot more then I expected. We are loving this thing so far!

After the chicken, I decided to put some peanuts in the shell in the ME with salt, chipolte, cayanne pepper, garlic salt and let them spin for 20min. Onto the MAK for 3 hours around 225.

Peanuts done and cooling.

It is great to play with new toys for the BBQ :D


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Brisket and Burnt Ends...

Started out at midnight before the time change... that screwed up the entire day!
Players were Kosmos Beef Injection, Balsamic Whiskey Glaze and RSS BBQ - Bubba's Best Beef Rub. First injected with the Kosmos and wrapped back up and rested in the fridge for about 4 hours. Next was to add the whiskey glaze and Bubba's Best Beef Rub - wrapped up and back in the fridge for another 4 hours.

Added the brisket onto the smoker and set low and slow all night over hickory... here it is after an all nighter and into the next morning. It was a 14 lb. plus packer Brisket.

Removed the point for burnt ends and foiled the flat. Here is a money shot of the point before cutting for burnt ends....

In pan for some more seasoning and sauce...

The money shot of the flat out for slicing...

The money shot for burnt ends...



Tri-Tip & Crab Fritter
Surf & Turf

The wife had a hankering for some crab, so we picked up a pound of lump crab meat and decided to cook it up into some fritters with a side of tri-tip.

#171 was setup with the MAK Griddle & Split Grate, set to 275°, a sprinkling of Little Louie's w/black pepper and the tri-tips were on.

Asparagus on an upper half rack, then later some Garlic & Herb Beer Drop Biscuits.

Mixed up the Beer Batter Crab Fritters (Lump Crab, Flour, egg, Baking Powder, Beer, Roasted Red Pepper, Scallions & some seasonings.

Tri-tip, Asparagus & Biscuits done... time to fry the fritters!

Tri-tips sliced nice & thick...

Crab Fritters Plated...

Biscuits brushed with some melted Garlic & Chive Butter...

Plated & served with some rice...

The Crab cakes were tender Hot & full of flavor.

We ate well tonight!

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Ribs N More

Was in a Rib mood today so I grabbed 3 racks from the butcher also added in a few short ribs and some sour cream and chive twice baked taters...

I used Carolina Treet on 2 racks for the glue and tried out some D.L. Jardines 5Star rub, that same mixture also went on the short ribs.. The other rack I used the Chili infused EVOO from BP for the glue and Ca Fe Cheaux rub.... Onto the Mak on smoke for 1hr and upped to 275...


I also made a batch of beans... Was just a few cans of Bushes with some added onion, brown sugar, Pepper Plant Sauce and bacon...

After a couple of hrs..



After about 3 hrs I foiled for an hr and back on for about 45min... Sauced 2 racks with Salt Lick Sauce and the other with Hot Squeeze for about the last 20min..






Plated up with a nice bottle of Blue Moon, missing the orange, my son ate them all!!!


One of my better rib cooks!!! Im liking the Chili Evoo, dont usually use that on ribs but I will be now!!

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OK, here's how it went this weekend, I almost had more fun judging than I do cooking. I scored each entry as it came in and kept the scores on a spreadsheet. I gave points for various criteria and included a fun/interesting/wimsical/out of the box criteria based on the story that was told. After scoring an entry I changed the font color on the spreadsheet to white so I couldn't see how I scored that entry later or any previous entries. Nor did I know who won until midnight tonight when I changed all the scores font color back to black where I could see the order of the scoring.

The top 10 entries! Here we go starting in 10th place and counting down to the money winners :)

10) 45 points - FLBentRider - Birthday Ribeyes Reverse seared
9) 45 points - Sparky - ribs 4 me
8) 46 points - squirtthecat - Brats & Tots
7) 49 points - Chili Head - Beef with spinach and parmesan
6) 49 points - Deb - Chocolate stuffed banana smoked on a pellet cooker.
5) 50 points - BBQDad - St. Louis Spare Ribs w/Baked Beans with Homemade Cole Slaw
4) 56 points - NorCal Smoker - Belated Birthday Dinner

And now the money winners!!

3) 2nd Runner up- with 60 points - bflodan - Ribs N More

2) Reserve Grand Champion - with 64 points - TentHunter - Tri-Tip & Crab Fritter
Surf & Turf

1) Grand Champion - with 70 points - Susan - Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Medallions

Congratulations to Susan, Tent and Dan!! And to all the cooks who submitted their cooks you did a great job!


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Congrats Susan, TH & Dan!

Susan's entry was as good as it looked!

Thanks BP! and to Scooter for judging!
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Wow, I didn't expect to wake up and find out the results already!

Congrats to Dan & Susan. All the entries looked so good I didn't think I even needed to cook. I could just look at all of your food, but the wife insisted on the crab!

After scoring an entry I changed the font color on the spreadsheet to white so I couldn't see how I scored that entry later or any previous entries. Nor did I know who won until midnight tonight when I changed all the scores font color back to black where I could see the order of the scoring.

I like that you went through the trouble to make it blind like that! Thanks for judging Scooter.

And thanks to BP & Big Poppa Smokers for sponsoring the contest each and every week as well as the forum!


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Congrats to Tent and Dan! This was another amazing weekend of cooks. I'm looking forward to next weekend and want to personally invite all the lurkers and newbies out there to show us your cooks and have some fun with is. We really want to see what you are cooking and it's really all about the food and fun! Join us!

Thank you Scooter and a big thank you to BP for everything. And thank you Deb for sharing your MAK, bananas and Saffron's and Pilot's play date. :)
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