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Sooo, I've been semi-lurking around here for a few months now and haven't been scared off, other than some really fantastic posts on what you people are cooking. You folks set some pretty high standards!

I live in Oregon, home of the wonderful manufacturers of MAK grill and I'm really happy to own a MAK 2-star, #511.

I've been playing around with the beast since this past fall and have really enjoyed cooking with it. So far I've done a brisket, butt, turkey, chicken, meatloaf, ABT's and some cheese.

Since y'all seem to like pictures I'll try to put a few up that hopefully won't embarass me.


Meatloaf with some green chili sauce on top:

Ribs and turkey:


Also, if there is an admin. around, is it possible to change my username?


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Are you kidding me? All looks good. That brisket...wish i could get one to look like that. Welcome to the clan.

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Welcome to the forum Steve, you're going to fit in real good pull up a chair and have a seat. That brisket looks great and the rest is mouth watering.
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