Stuffer Pork Chops


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With hunting season pretty much in full swing we haven't been posting much lately - we have been smoking, just too busy to take pics. Took some time yesterday to put together a post.

I should have used some thicker pork chops for this cook, but this is what I had in the freezer.

For the stuffing I used provolone cheese, green chilis, and chili in adobo sauce, and some cooked up pepper bacon.

Started by cutting a pocket into the pork chop and adding the chili in adobo sauce in first. Then took slices of provolone cheese and added green chilis, and then another slice of cheese and the bacon, and then topped with another slice of cheese.

Finally stuffed all that inside...

Seasoned with BP Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeno & BP Money and wrapped in some brown sugar bacon to seal it up. (bacon post to come later on)

Onto the smoker with Sugar Maple pellets in the hopper and the tube.

Added some brussel sprouts with butter, minced garlic and sea salt, and a couple of pieces of garlic toast.

Decided to add some more cheese.

Plated up! Decided to top the pork chop with a little BP Happy Ending.

Money Shot!!

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