Sunday Gravy


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Been a busy weekend, yesterday had stuff that needed to be done in the morning, knew I had to kayak today. So needed to think ahead to tonight's dinner, needed something that was going to be quick.... yesterday was cool so it seemed like a good day to make some pasta sauce.... ribs - ahhh, I saw a post on serious eats awhile ago - Grilled sunday gravy.....

so here goes.........

a bunch of tomatoes onto the MAK, s&p & evoo drizzed on, on smoke for a bit, ramp up the temp and let them get nice and roasty

the meats..... made some meatballs, rolled up some beef for braciole (bread crumbs, lots of parm, garlic &I, hot italian sausage and the ribs (just salt & pepper on the ribs)

been playing with the weber some (still haven't really figured it out) - the meats onto the weber just to brown, a handful of oak pellets


Some onions, evoo into a pan, then some garlic, some herbs, add a can of tomato paste. Skinned and then hand crushed the tomatoes into the pot for the pasta sauce base

cut up the ribs into single pieces then into the pot, added the sausage and let simmer for a few hours, added the braciole and meatballs for awhile


into the fridge overnight

today.... beautiful day, little windy, could see Long Island, bit of a parking problem :eek:


to be continued


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cooked some rigatoni until almost done , drained off most of the water and added some of the sauce into the pot, finished off with the sauce....

pasta with rib sauce :) , couple of meatballs, sausage, couple slices of the braciole and the rib sauce . grated some parmesan over the top, roasted garlic ciabatta grilled on the MAK
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