Super Bowl Contest! Carter is the judge.


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Sparky's Ribs
carter said cook what you want. i like ribs.


threw some potatos on also.


after 3 hours or so.

after another hour i unwrapped and put some sauce and berry pepper jelly on.
and wa la.

they were yumming with the potatos.


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Ribs 4 ways, and some pre-game Smoked Chicken Chili (Part 2)

Did he say bacon on a stick? Really?



Sliced into it.. Tasty. More like a spicy ham on a stick. Definitely worth doing again..


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Sparks Hot Hawaiian Pork

used pineapple juice, pineapple, pepper plant hot garlic, rub and barcardi for injection.

used peach pepper jelly for the glue and some honey rub with sweet and heat rub on top of it.
wrapped at 185º with foil with pineapple on top.

pulled at 200º

had with mrs's potato salad (smoked the potatos on the grill), french bread in the oven.

mom's sauce and mine.

couldn't wait until halftime.

it was real good. really tasted the pepper plant injection in it. goooood......:cool:
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Artichoke & Asiago Pork Roll

I've been wanting to try this for a while...

First I carefully cut a pork loin, unrolling it as I went. Next i gave it a light coating of homemade garlic & cayenne EVOO, then applied a tapenade of artichokes, Asiago cheese, bread crumbs, and chopped fresh parsley....oh yeah, Yardbird on all sides.

The second loin was cooked whole. Go figure, the teens weren't interested in artichokes. :)

Freshly cut

Plated with scalloped potatoes and fresh pineapple..the kids missed out!


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Okay, I'm in! I cooked a rib roast today with some fresh horseradish. I fired up my MAK with some 100% Hickory from to 225 and smoked the meat for about 2 1/2 hours before tenting it and cranking the temp to 350 to finish. I had to tent the roast to keep the horseradish from over browning. Here is a sequence of pictures from start to finish.

Fresh horseradish.

Peeled and ready to shred.

Shredded and ready to use.

Rib roast ready to go.


Zatarains Creole Mustard.

Rib roast coated with mustard.

Rib roast coated with horseradish.

Rib roast resting.

Medium rare, just like we like it.

Plated and ready to eat with some Lipton soup potatoes.



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Sparky, thanks for the compliment.

STC, as a matter of fact, it is a Longaberger. It seems we have "collected" a few over the years.



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Ribs, gotta have Ribs

Picked up three slabs of baby backs and a two pack of chicken wings...the wings were deep fried, so I won't include them in the contest.

Here's a complete Sunday fun-pack!

Let the fun begin, garlic EVOO for glue, one slab with Famous Dave's rub, one with Plowboys YB, the last one was cut in half with both halves getting Authur Bryant's rub.

Everybody on the smoker @225 for 2 1/2 hours

They all get foiled with butter, brown sugar, and honey. Back on for an hour.

Then we mix it up a little, the first slab goes back on naked for 30 minutes. The second gets a five minute sear on the gasser, then back on naked. One of the half racks goes back on and starts getting mopped with Texas Rib Candy, and the last?

I forgot to mention, I also was smoking fresh pineapple a classic "what would Sparky do" moment I decided to make a glaze for the last half rack...blended the pineapple with brown sugar, a dash of habanero, and some special sauce.

So, the last 20 minutes the whole racks were mopped with BBQ sauce, the other two got additional coatings of either rib candy or pineapple glaze. They all turned out great!

The first rack (the control sample) was great. The second whole rack, was a little crunchier, not sure it was worth the extra step. The 1/2 rack with Rib Candy was great too. But the star of the show was clearly the Pineapple habanero glazed ones!


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i think there is copyright infringement going on here. i'm thinking 33% of the take partner. lol. lol. :cool:


Moink Balls in Grape Jelly BBQ Sauce

OK, we went with a few tailgating style finger foods in celebration of Superbowl Sunday

My first entry is a twist on the meatballs in a grape jelly/chili sauce.

I started mixing up some homemade meatballs using Ground Beef, fresh bread crumbs, minced onion, sea salt, pepper, parsley flakes and an egg. The meatballs were then wrapped in some thick sliced bacon. A few meatballs were left unwrapped.

A foil packet with Hickory pellets was made and placed in the grill along with the Moink Balls and some poppers my daughter made.

While they smoked I made the sauce using some tangy homemade BBQ sauce, grape jelly and some minced onion.

When cooked the moink balls were placed in the sauce and served up piping hot. They were smoky sweet, tangy and moist.

Great snacking food!
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For my second entry I thought I'd make some mini Andouille sausages & call them Andouettes.

I started by mixing up the spices, salt & cure mix with a bit of cold water, then mixing that with 2 lbs. fresh ground pork. The sausage was stuffed into natural casings, twisted into small links then went into the fridge to cure & dry a bit.

Later the Andouille went on the grill along with some moink balls & Poppers my daughter made. Hickory pellets in a foil packet for smoke.

When done they were served up with some homemade Jack Daniels BBQ sauce along side the poppers (and Moink Balls).

Thanks, Hope you enjoyed!
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And the winner is..........

I don't even know where to begin, you guys flat out crushed it this week! This was so hard to judge, I hope you all realize what great cooks you are and that there is some pretty amazing food getting cooked here week in and week out.

The rundown in order of entry by cook:

Deb - what a way to get the ball rolling with those waffles, one minute there is a bread discussion thread going on then poof, sourdough waffles and smoked ham for a homerun breakfast for dinner! That looked awesome, and thats why this forum is so great. Never satisfied though you launched into round 2 with your beautiful smoked chicken Mexican lasagna. Great twist taking the enchilda ingredients and layering to get to a lasagna, that one is now on the "to do list"

Jeff (aka DolphinLvr) - Looks like you and that MAK are quickly becoming one! That was a veteran looking chuck roast for a first try. Beautiful bark and a killer smoke ring, I'm sorry it took you two forks to pull it, but now you have something to shoot for on the next one, one fork pulling ;), Seriously that was a good looking piece of meat and some great sammies.

Doug (aka ITFD#15) Ain't nothing wrong with blue collar and your cook proved that beyond a reasonable doubt! Everything on there looked awesome. No worries with the red rub on chickens, they were on point. Those ribs hit the mark too, the fastest way to lose rookie status is with grub like that, just ask Rip! Keep it coming.

Squirt - Love the creativity of your cooks and this was not a disappointment. Bacon on a stick, that must throw people for a loop at first bite, love it. Also loved the Fagundes ribs, my wife is part portuguese and we love trying out the fagundes rubs on different meats. Great cook as always

Sparky- You like ribs? Who knew :) Looks like you are developing quite a following with your rib concotions, 2 other entries were using the Sparky method this week alone! If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery you should be blushing, your ribs look out of bounds as usual. But while great ribs are a given with you its that pork that grabbed the attention this week. You had a lot of flavors going on there and that's not a bad thing. That pork came out perfect and looked like it tasted great.

Rip- the former pellet smoking rookie (like 3 weeks ago). Man you are definitely finding your groove with that pellet cooker. First the patent infringement ribs from Sparky ;) Amazing job with them, beautiful color and all of them look spectacular. But the show stopper for me was that pork, that looked phenomenal, love the artichoke and cheese stuffing with the plowboys on the outside and all wrapped up snug in a frogmat and smoked to perfection. Great job again, you always talked about your "to do list" well mine keeps getting longer as well with cooks like this.

Art (aka ACW3) Man you get a prize just for surviving that much horseradish in a Cuisanart! I love horseradish and prime rib and you put them together with a hammer! Meat looked great, crust was phenomenal and I can only imagine what it tasted like. Great job and hopefully the horseradish didn't peel any paint in the kitchen!

Tent, man o man you were asking for directions to my house for the superbowl, but brother just that shot of your grill made me want to hop a bird and head for your house! Love those Moink balls, and love the fact that you used scratch made meatballs. That sauce looked killer and i'm sure that serving platter had an easy time in the dishwasher when it was all said and done. Round two with the andouettes came out great as well, love the creativity and doing it all from scratch.

I just want to say what a total pain in the arse this is to judge! You guys are stepping it up each week and it is a blast to watch, the coolest thing is seeing everyone trying out the others ideas and recipes. That is really what this whole thing is all about.

OK enough of my bloviating here it is:

3rd Doug (ITFD#15)

2nd Art (ACW3)

1st Rip

Congrats to all, and to Rip I feel for you brother! Good luck next week!
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Congrats guys!

I knew that Pork Roulade with the artichoke & asiago was the first place winner as soon as I saw it - Great job Rip!

Art, the horseradish coating on the prime rib made perfect sense - Roast beef with horseradish; a classic flavor combo.

Doug, way to go! Chicken & Ribs a classic blue collar combo and you nailed it with both - Love it!


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Congrats to everyone else. There were some really great looking meals. I am honored to be in such great company. The really difficult part is trying to top one's self with another cook. I love these food challenges.


Big Poppa

I hope all of you enjoy the spirit in which this is done. When they have kids contests in things they say "there are no losers"...(when there are just turds in the contest)

I would eat any of this was all done to perfection with brilliant execution. Here is the hoy of what we do....we take great ingredients...not necessarily expensive ones...sometimes we do that too...and create and execute.

You guys probably wonder why I make the last week winner the judge? I dont want the job.

A special nod to those that havent figured out that there are state that you can smoke in shorts year round. Great job braving the elements.


I hope all of you enjoy the spirit in which this is done.

I, for one, sure am enjoying the spirit of this contest! Everyone is always so positive and encouraging how could you not enjoy it? These weekly contests stretch my cooking abilities & creativity. I find myself early in the week trying to figure out what I'm going to cook next.
Thanks BP for hosting them and footing the bill for the weekly prizes.

A special nod to those that havent figured out that there are state that you can smoke in shorts year round. Great job braving the elements.

Getting outside firing up the grill and cooking something is a great way to beat the winter blues! :cool:


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Great Job Everyone!

Thanks Carter! And Congrats to Art, Doug, and everyone else who entered. This contest truly inspires us all to expand our abilities. And a special thanks to BP and Jeanie and all the other great cooks who inspire us with their posts!

Carter, I think this may have been the toughest week yet! Thanks for the rib name, the next time I make them, and there will be a next time, they will be known as "Patent Infringement Ribs"...thanks Sparky! (about that 33%, I'll see what I can do :D)

BP, (-11 here at the moment), there are some advantages to living where not everyone else wants to live :)
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