SurfandTurf-I am a newbie to the board and to pellet smoking


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I purchased a Camp Chef smoke pro for my husband for Christmas 2017. It was an update to our Weber bullet, which worked fine but I had heard so many good things about the pellet grills/smokers.
He is happy with his gift but I have found that I'm taking over the outdoor cooking because I freaking LOVE this thing!!!
Looking forward to learning all there is to this smoking game!:D

Big Poppa

Surf and Turf so awesome that you got our disease! It really is fun and the quality of the food is just amazing.


Welcome to PS! I had a Camp Chef DLX as my first entree into pellet grilling. Great little pit and Great customer service. I really liked the ash dump and pellet dump features and I learned a lot about how to do low and slow smoking on that guy.
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