Taking the plunge tomorrow

A local dealer has one on the showroom floor, so tomorrow morning I'm going to go buy the Two Star General. Also ordering the optional Super Smoker Box.

Can't wait to get started.
Well I'm not a complete virgin. I have used a Weber Kettle, and a couple offset fire box smokers in the past, but I decided I wanted something that was simpler to use.



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Mak 2 Star #1,000 salutes you. You will love it. Great American company and product. Their service and support is the best I have ever seen.

Get a cover....and get it dirty.


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I have a Weber E670 and then purchased my Mak 2 Star and love them both. The Mak gets used the most!

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Okay, it's home in the garage, but I have a question.

I have seen people refer to theirs by the serial number. Where do you find that?

I will tell the story of buying it tomorrow.


Backside of the hopper is the last place I knew they put it.

They may have moved it to another location since 28 but that little silver square is the tag that includes serial number
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