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Big Poppa

First place $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$ Smackers to everyone else...that sfive bucks!


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I wanted some good roast beef tonight, but I also wanted to branch out a bit. I was looking at BP's post about the veggies and wanted to play a bit. Started with a few turnips and parsnips and a potato.

I peeled and chopped my veggies and put them on to boil with a bay leaf and some rosemary, then got my sirloin tip out and built a garlic heavy rub.

Once my veggies boiled I mashed them with a bit of butter and threw them in a baking dish. I added some bread crumbs and parsley.

On to the Traeger at 325.

While that was working I made my black currant glaze. Here are my fixins.

After an hour and a quarter I had this.

Made a plate up with some quick pickled peppers and cucumbers. I mixed my leftover glaze with some horseradish and made a sauce.

Made for a very tasty dinner. It was the perfect way to welcome my daughter Natalie home.

Thanks for looking guys.


Pork Loin

Pork Loin with Pure Maple Syrup, Little Louis Seasoned Garlic Salt, my homemade BBQ rub,Red Pepper Flakes and BACON

First rubbed the Pork Loin with Maple Syrup, then BBQ rub, Seasoned Garlic Salt and red pepper flakes

Wrapped in Bacon and applied maple syrup and seasonings again

On the MAK at 275 F until IT reached 145 F foiled and in a faux cambro with beach towels for an hour

Peeled potato's and boiled, heated heavy cream and stick unsalted butter to whip the potato's with

Asparagus, Kosher Salt, garlic olive oil and parmesan cheese

Time to plate



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Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Let’s make the marinade


Let sit overnight for the flavors to get right


Steak and Chicken into the marinade


Making some Quac


Into the Vac jar till dinner


Get some peppers and onions going


Some tortillas warming


Protien out of the marinade and to room temp. Mak to 450


Yea we ready!


On the Mak


Meat’s done


Let’s plate





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It is a little warm here in So Cal so why not some summer time food. beer can chicken, potato salad and corn.
The team

Rub with molasses and seasoned
Put the chicken on the smoker then whip up some potato salad

Season up the corn

Chicken is doing fine

Sauce it up.

My plate have to love the warm weather
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Brat Bites

We mixed up some new Brat seasoning mixes over the Easter weekend and it was time to sample our hard work. We like to let them rest in the freezer a few weeks before giving our final opinion on the flavor. I also wanted to try something a little different as well...

Started out with 3 different flavors of Brats - Buffalo Wing Brat with Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard Brat, and a Philly Cheese Brat with Pepperjack Cheese. Wanted to give them a little smoke for an extra bonus.

Smoked them with Pecan pellets for an hour and a half at 180°.

Pulled the brats off and got ready to prep them for the cooking stage. Using a refrigerated roll of French Loaf to use as the pockets, and seasoning the dough with some Butter Blast.

Divided the French Loaf into equal pieces and made a pocket in the middle where the brat piece will go.

Ready to go on....

Going to throw some Sweet Potato crinkle fries seasoned with Simply Marvelous Season All.

Everyone getting happy on the Yoder!!

Almost done...

Plated with a sample of all 3 Brat flavors alone and one in a "pocket".

And the trusty guard dog Grissom making sure to help with clean up in case there is a spill! ;)

Overall all 3 of these will be added to our sausage arsenal.

The Honey Mustard Brat was really sweet when we first sampled it after mixing and nobody really cared for it. After a rest in the freezer they were much better and a couple people actually thought this was the best of all 3 now.

The Buffalo Wing Brat was excellent - not as spicy as we thought it would be but I am guessing the Hi Temp Bleu Cheese tames the "hot" level down. I see lots of possibilities with this one. Spicy Buffalo Wing Alfredo will be on the menu soon!

The Philly Cheese was as amazing as it sounds! I can't wait to try these with a toasted bun smothered with cheese and sauteed peppers and onions!!
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ARGH!! I can't get my pics uploaded to photobucket. The picture selection works, but the little activity circle in the picture frames has been spinning now for hours. Any advice?


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Rib Eyes

Bought a whole rob eye from RD.

Cut it into steaks.

I hit some with Big Poppas Double Secret Steak Rub

The turn

Plated with sauteed mushrooms and onions.



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Grilled Salmon

A couple of salmon slabs from Sams
One with Everglades heat, the other with seasoned salt, seasoned pepper and garlic

On to the MAK @350F


Plated with tots



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Pork Chops Over Oak

The game plan - 2 pork chops with Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple Rub and 2 pork chops with Okie Dust Championship Rib, Pork & Poultry Rub.




Pork chops getting some oak smoke for about a 1/2 hour at 150º.


Some potatoes from the freezer section going to be seasoned and spiced up with Big Poppa Desert Gold Seasoning.


Asparagus spears going to get seasoned with Tatonka Dust Seasoning.


Everyone all together on the grill just finishing cooking with the grill at 325º.


Both rubs were very good on pork chops and will definitely use both again in the future.


Thanks for looking!


Hot Dog... Homemade!!

That's right, I'm entering hot dogs!

Due to food allergies I can't have most hot dogs and the one brand I can get locally that's safe (colemans) are now over $7.00/lb. That gives a whole new meaning to the term "Tube Steak!"

I figured it was high time I tried making my own!

Salt & cure #1 were mixed with ice water & set aside while I mixed some super secret experimental spice blend into a 50/50 mix of lean ground beef & pork.

The meat & cure water were put into a food processor (in batches) and emulsified into a paste.

The mixture was then stuffed into natural sheep casings and twisted into links.

Smoked at 200° to an internal temp of 138°...

Then poached in a 170° water bath to an I.T. of 155° (this only took a few minutes) and plunged into cold water.

The texture seems OK, not quite as fine as a commercially made hot dog (my understanding is that's a limitation of using home equipment).

We grilled some up for supper (including a few that broke).

The rest went into the fringe for overnight to chill & firm up before packaging.

You know I had to keep the first one simple for testing. Just some mustard & ketchup so the hot dog would shine or fail. Oh yeah... these were definitely worth the effort!

Next time, I think I'll opt for regular 80/20 ground chuck to increase the fat content for better texture & juiciness. But overall I am a happy man! :)
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Great week of cooks! The entries are:

soupyjones roast beef and veggies
scott6049 pork loin
RickB steak and chicken fajitas
wneill20 beer can chicken
Tatonka3A2 Brat Bites
FLBentRider Rib Eyes and Grilled Salmon
MossyMO Pork Chops
TentHunter Homemade Hot Dogs

I count eight contestants, so I believe it is time to judge. All of the cooks were excellent this week, and all should win something, which you do thanks to BP. But here are this weeks winners:

3rd place TentHunter homeade hot dogs (great pictures showing what it takes to make a hot dog)

2nd place soupyjones roast beef and veggies (great looking roast beef)

1stPlace scott6049 pork loin (love the money shot)

Great job everyone and keep the momentum going to next weeks contest.


Another week with a great showing, including some of the newer members.

Excellent job on that pork loin, Scott. Congrats, you earned it Brother! :cool:

Soupy, is a double winner this week; Congrats on the second place win and, more importantly, the arrival of your new daughter! She's really beautiful! :)


Congrats Scott, soupy and Tent! And to all the others who submitted their cooks to the judge!

Nice job NorCal!

Thanks BP for the stage and trophies!
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