The Contest is on us! Time Flies..Earn credit cook food...easy.


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Money Stuffed pork chops

Started with some garlic evoo and Money rub.. man this is some good stuff.
Next lets star the stuffing..
Cooked the shrooms and onions in some evoo
Added some baby spinach and sweat it for a bit..
Next add garlic.. half a bottle of white wine and croutons..


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Added some mozz and parm cheese while it was cooling..
chops stuffed and on for a smoke bath..
Bumped to 300 till they hit 165..
something to help pass the time
Done and resting..
Pated with some fresh salad..
Thanks for looking!!


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jets vs Dolphins Brisket

Start with a Brisket flat from Sams Club

Slather with Carolina Treet, rub with Salt lick

On the MAK last night @250F with BD Pecan pellets

12 hours later

Into FTC for the ride to the stadium

Get all set up

Ready to slice



I didn't get a plated pic, and sorry Sparky, no milk, just Coronas.


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Infuser Fun!

Decided to give my new Char-Broil Infuser another go.

First I pulled out a couple of center-loin cut pork chops that were seasoned with Penzey's BBQ 3000 before vac sealing and freezing...


Then I loaded the bottom of the infuser with some Maple pellets and some of the wood chips that came with the Infuser. I assume they are Hickory...


Hit the bottom grate with a spray of canola oil and then installed...


I put the infuser on my RED side burner for 5 minutes on high until it started smoking...


Now it was time to drop the chops. I heard a sizzle when they hit the grill of the Infuser!


I flipped them every 5 minutes. After 3 flips they read 140F IT with the world's fastest Thermapen. Here is how they looked...


I then killed the heat on the burner and topped them with Parmesan Cheese and Italian seasoning. Put the Infuser lid back on and waited a few minutes for the cheese to melt a bit...


Wifey is not home tonight so looks like bothe chops are for me! Plated with the Scotch Egg dipping sauce I made for another cook...



Shot of the interior..


These were seriously good! The smokey flavor was simply outstanding! And so fast and simply done on a BBQ grill side burner! Bravo Char-Broil!!!!


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Just a tasty Juicy Lucy's.... Keeping it simple today.

Starting off with a 20/80 mix of ground chuck and Italian sausage
View attachment 1667

Added some Colby jack
View attachment 1668

Right before going on the MAK...ok so the turned into mega patties. Got a bit carried away... Almost a pound each.
View attachment 1669

A pretzel bun buttered... Ready to go on the grill for some toasting....also some BBQ sauce to finish right at end
View attachment 1670

All done and finished with some mustard, pickles, and mayo
View attachment 1671

Was very yummy thanks for looking


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Pork Brisket and munchies

I picked up a pork brisket a week or so ago and did not have time to cook it so it went into the freezer. Neighbors were coming over for drinks and apps.
I had no idea what the pork thing was but it seems to be part of the ribs. I coated it with sriracha and Bovine Bold. On the MAK at 225 for 2 hours then bumped to 275.


Prepped some chicken wings (cut them in pieces and used some Kickin' Chicken seasoning

After about 3 hours the pork was looking good so mixed apple juice more sriracha some smoked paprika and chipolte flakes to add to the foil.


Chicken coming along great and made a 7 layer dip with refried beans, green chilis, sour cream, habanero salsa, black beans, Guac and mexican shredder cheese.


Pulled the wings and used 2 different sauces. Garlic hot wing sauce for 1/2 and Hot jerk seasoning for the others. Back on the MAK to set up.

Pulled the pork off at ~200

Pulled it and it was a lot like ribs.. everyone really loved it.. for the cheap price of the meat I will be buying it again for sure.
It was a fun day of cooking and snacking and sampling a bunch of the fall beers. I made cookies and cooked them on the MAK also but got no pics... baby was fussing so priorites changed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did :)


County Fair Style Turkey legs & Pierogi Casserole

I haven't been able to smoke anything for a few weeks (was sick and in hospital) so I was itching to do something. How about some turkey legs, you know the kind you get at the county fair that have been brined & cured like ham.

Here we go...

Six turkey Legs - about 5 pounds in all.

Mix some lower sodium brown sugar ham brine (Water, Salt, Brown Sugar, Cure #1) and inject.

Into the fridge to wet cure for 24 hours.

After a 24 hours they were take out of the brine and pat dry.

A light coating of fresh cracked black pepper only, then onto the MAK in smoke mode for about 45 minutes, then crank the heat up to 400°.

Almost done...

Time to add some Apple Crisp for Dessert & some Pierogi Casserole (mashed potatoes, onion & chives layered between lasagna noodles & topped with some cheddar - YUM!).

Since they're dark meat, let them ride and pull at an I.T. of 185°

Ooh La La were these good. Super moist, tender, smoky, hammy goodness with a handle!
Served up with some of the Pierogi Casserole - YUM!

Desert was some hot off the grill Apple Crisp with a glass of cold cider to wash it down.

A satisfying meal to kick off the Fall season!

Thanks for looking! :)
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Had a birthday party at the house this weekend. Time for something really quick and easy: thin cut boneless pork chops.

All lined up

Rubbed with my famous Dirt Rub

In the mean time, made a salad with smoked artichokes (also did some corn in the husks)

Two different sauces. One is my Jim's Number 3 Sauce and the other is Sweet Baby Ray's for the gluten free crowd

All plated up

Easy and delicious!


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lots of great cooks this weekend. ok, enough dilly tally.

3rd place chili's chili bowls. i really love a good bowl of chili and yours looked real good. love the bowls out of biscuits. great looking meal partner.

2nd place wneill20 calzone / apple dumplings. homemade sausage balls i thought were great. then you made calzone w/ them. oh man. i love a good calzone and yours looked great. good color and the insides looks very yummy. got to love dessert. apple dumplings looked good.

1st place



milk's on the table sparky ;)


playing w/ phyllo. the dinner plate was fantastic. simple and looking very tasty. the chicken, tomatoes i love but the spanakopita was over the top. i wanted 2 of them. then the dessert. what can you say about that pic. give me a milk and another serving plz. really a 1st class meal all the way.

i was showing my wife before she went to work the pics and she was drooling over debs meal. first then out of her mouth was can we go over to debs house for dinner sometime. sure. when we move the to north east coast.

have a good week everyone.


Well deserved wins for sure!

Great job Sparky. I wanted one of those spanakopitas too!

Thanks again to BP for hosting this party!

Chili Head

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Good job wneil and congrats Deb!

Thanks Sparky! And thanks for judging!
Thanks BP!

Thanks for playing everyone! Great dishes this week!


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thanks sparky & BP! Congrats wneill and chili. Great cooks everyone.

first then out of her mouth was can we go over to debs house for dinner sometime.

have a good week everyone.

anytime :) there's milk and FT in the fridge


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Congrats to Deb and Chili and everyone else I was licking the screen all weekend long. Chili my wife wants that recipe can you send it to me :) ? Thanks BP fun as always I look forward to it every weekend just to relieve the weekly stress.
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