This weeks contest! 9-30-11

Big Poppa

I am sorry for the delay At the royal and thank god rip came by and it reminded me that I didnt get the contest on!

first place $25 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Second Place $15 dollar credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Third Place $10 Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Everybody else gets 5 bucks in store credit foe entering!

Go Get EM!


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I'll start!

It was cool out this morning so I decided lasagna would be a good thing to make. I make a mean traditional lasagna but was wanting something a little different and lighter......

started out by making a quick sauce - cooked up some ground turkey with some oregano, basil, thyme marjoram, rosemary, garlic and lots of crushed red pepper. once that was all cooked up added two cans of hand crushed italian tomatoes - it's not a thick sauce

when that was done I put a layer in a baking dish

then I mixed up some ricotta cheese, egg, garlic, oregano, fresh parsley (there is a local cheese company that makes a good non-fat ricotta - no additives or thickeners, this helps keep it on the lighter side :))
put down a layer of noodles , then 1/2 the cheese mixture, on top of that some mozzarella & shredded parmesan

more noodles, the rest of the cheese, more noodles, a good layer of sauce, a little parmesan on top and into the pellet grill for about an hour

while that was resting I put a few slices of roasted garlic bread spread with garlic butter on the grill
plated up

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Winging it

I'm just going to Wing it!

I picked up a few wings:

128 to be exact, that pic is 84 of them.

Onto the MAK @425F with BBQ delight Oak:

Time to turn

I think they are done:


We did a variety of sauces, this is the Alton Brown wing sauce - Hot sauce, butter, garlic






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Just Steak

It seemed like a good day for a couple of rib eye steaks.

I put Annie’s Garlic evvo on them and sprinkled them with BP’s Double Secret Steak Rub and put them on the Weber with some black walnut pellets directly on the coals. The smoke was delightful!

Resting Steaks.

Here is my plated shot:

I plated it with some cous cous and Quinoa pilaf tossed with some pea pods, black beans, dried cranberries and marinated cucumbers and tomatoes in a chili-lime dressing.


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Smokin' Cincinnati

Broke out some of the goodies a Bradley Forum friend (Mark) brought to the Paducah BBQ On The River Fest..

Skyline chili and Montgomery Inn Sauce.


And some Queen City mettwurst, and Goetta links.


Tossed the chili and sausages frozen solid on the MAK on smoke while I went to church. Came back to..


Cranked it up a few notches, and moved it all to the bottom rack over the flame zone pan.


40 minutes later.


Plate it up (this would be a 3.5 Way chili - I used Onion Powder instead of diced onions)


Time to settle in and watch some baseball.

Thanks Mark!!


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#69's back.

what should be first cook? i know, ribs. yaaaa.

away we go boys and girls. fired up #69 to 275º and let settle. the players.



flipped them every 45 minutes and sprayed w/ apple juice.


my babies are done. well, time for a FT and tv time. cya.


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Pulled Pork Tacos with homemade Tortillas and Peach and Raspberry Pie for dessert

Here's the ingredients for tonight meal.



I started this off by slathering the butt with yellow mustard and then rubbing it down with Mas Guapo seasoning.



Into the MAK set on smoke for 30 minutes burning a mix of apple and cherry pellets. Once the butt got up to 160º I wrapped it in foil and added some apple cider then I let it go until I got off work friday night. I set the pellet boss to run at 245º until the internal temp got to 200º then back down to smoke to hold it until I got home from work.



Next up was the peach and raspberry pie.

I skinned and sliced 4 cups of peaches and placed them in a bowl with a cup of raspberries. Next I sprinkled 1/2 cup of sugar on them and tossed them to get them all covered with the sugar. Next I took another 1/4 cup of sugar and added 2 ts of ground cinnamon and stirred it together. Place the peaches and berries in a pie crust and add 2 ts of butter and the remaining sugar and cinnamon on top. I added the top crust, cut some slits in it and it went into the MAK at 405º for 45 minutes burning peach pellets.





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While the pie was cooking I got the pico de gallo and adobo sauce ready for the tacos.

I diced some onion, jalapeno, red and yellow tomato, cilantro, pinch of salt and the juice of 1/2 a lime and mixed it all together. I covered it and let it rest in the fridge for an hour.


Next up was the adobo sauce. After cutting the stems off the peppers I put the peppers and the juice of 1/2 a lime into a processor seeds and all and puréed it until smooth.


The pie is done!!


Time to make some tortillas!

All you need is 5 cups of flour, 2 TS shortning, 2 ts baking powder, 1/4 ts of salt and
1 1/2 cups of boiling water. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and add the water slowly mixing it with your hands until you make a soft dough. Knead the dough on a floured surface until smooth.


Lubricate the top of the dough with oil and let stand in the bowl for 10 minutes. Then pinch enough dough to make golf ball sized dough balls.


This was my first time making tortillas and I didnt have a press so I tried to improvise by using two cast iron skillets. The plan was to sandwich a dough ball between plastic wrap and mash the dough between the bottom of the two skillets. It didnt work out so well lol. I couldnt put enough pressure on the top pan to spread the dough the way I wanted. Well now I know ;)


I ended up rolling them out with a rolling pin.



Not too shabby!!

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After rolling the tortillas I heated up some pulled pork. One pan was just pork and the other pan I added some adobo sauce. Boy did this turn out great!



While the pork was heating I placed the tortillas into a 450º pre heated iron skillet on the MAK.


Once bubbled and starting to turn brown it was time to flip them.


Into the warming drawer.


There not as pretty as store bought but they are good! And have character LOL :cool:


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OK lets make some tacos!!

What you're looking at in the bowls on the right are adobo sauce in the top, sour cream in center and the pico de gallo in the bottom bowl. The large plate has some sliced avocado, refried beans with cheese and a couple of pulled pork tacos. Of course some jalapenos were added as well :cool:
There is also an ice cold margarita to wash it down with :p




Pie anyone?? ;)


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Whooo we're getting stuffed now!



I added some fresh berries and a couple slices of peach to the plate as well.

I gotta say..this was one of my top 2 pork butts I have done. So juicy and tender I just couldnt get enough of it. The Mas Guapo seasoning added a zesty flavor and zip to the pork. The tortillas although not pretty and round were every bit as good as store bought. I'll have a tortilla press next time. That would have saved me almost 45 minutes of rolling them out. The tacos I believe were the best I have made to date. My parents and the wife loved them! It dosent get any better than that!
The peach and berry pie was the perfect compliment to this diner with the fresh fruit.
It was so refreshing!

Please enjoy!
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Venison loin

Today is the first hunting day of the year (whitetail) here in Michigan. So I thought I would put something together in honor of all those who have fallen before (and hopefully more to come). Besides, it's time to clean out the last packages I have hidden away in the freezer to make room for this year's harvest.

I started out with

Once I cleaned up the remaining silver skin, I chose the following seasonings for this meal. Since the venison is such a lean piece of meat, I decided to go with the teriyaki injection. Then for the saltiness and overall great flavor I used the Double Secret Steak Rub.

It's always nice to roll bacon into the mix, so I made a weave and wrapped the loin up and secured it with the frog mat.

The final plating ...

The venison was cooked perfectly. It think the bacon blanket really helps protect the meat from getting dried out from the exterior while the interior heats through. The marinade was present but not overbearing which is a good thing with this type of meat. Of course, a little bacon nibble along with a bit of steak can't be beat.

I rounded it out with fresh green beans from the garden (amazing it keeps producing this late) mixed with angel hair pasta. Some homemade zucchini bread and cottage cheese on the side made for a very satisfying meal.

Happy Hunting.

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Backyard Tailgate Party

What better way to enjoy a Football game then having your own tailgate party in your backyard? Set the MAK 2 Star Grill to 400ºF for some Onion Rings, Wafer Cut Sweet Potatoes, Smoked Polish Sausages, Salmon Burger, and Ground Sirloin 1/3 lb Patties!!


At 400ºF the Wafer Cut Sweet Potatoes took 35 minutes, the sausages, Salmon Burgers & Hamburgers took 25 minutes, and the Onions Rings took 20 minutes. Simple yet elegant ... The money $shot ... A Cheeseburger with sides of Sweet Potatoes & Onion Rings accompanied by a Smoked Polish Sausage ... Bon Appétit



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Its a marathon

Hey everyone haven't been around in a while other than to see whats cookin and comment on a couple posts. Thought I might take a test run 3 day weekend before the Thanksgiving weekend.

Lets start with Ribs

Sorry about the pics didn't use the 30D as well I missed a couple of pics on prep.

Simple meal sauced up slightly over cooked ribs with slaw and fries

Prep my ribs with mustard, Obie-Cue Sweat N Heat Cookshack Brisket rub and a splice a friend gave me from Switzerland. This gives some good layers of flavor.
Let them stand for an hour to warm up before placing them on the grill..
On to the Traeger with a mix of cherry/hickory pellets for 3hrs mopping periodically with apple juice

Making pear butter one of my top secret ingredient for my ribs and pulled pork
sorry no pic of the foil with apple butter maple syrup and butter, back on the grill for 1hr
Finished on the grill with a mixure of the juice from the foil and mango habanero rib candy
Nice finish
My biggest critic George(Georgia) my 9 month old english springer
Hole cook was done at 225. The flavors in the ribs where outstanding, a little heat from the rib candy.
Not competition ribs but real good fall off the bone saucy ribs


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Ribs, Chicken, Potatoes and jerky..

Invited the neighbors over for dinner and had a reason to do some baby backs.

Did two slabs. Both started with yellow mustard as glue. One I used only LL with pepper and the other I used the rub I made for pork butts last time. I really liked it on the butts so thought it would be good to try here also. I was pressed for time since we were late getting home 3:00 and dinner was at 6:30. Decided to go 275 this time (normally I use 250) to make sure they were done in time.

I also prepped jerky the day before but did not have time to cook it, so that went into the smoke box while the ribs were going. This was my first jerky attempt. I dusted one rack with chipolte flakes right before putting it in the box.

Marinated chicken thighs in some Italian dressing for the kids (I was not sure what they would eat but this seemed safe) Cut potatoes into wedges and added roasted garlic EVOO, garlic cheese spread and parmesean cheese. Placed the potatoes on the upper rack after the ribs were cooking for 1 hour. (extra piece of beef from the jerky that was cooked to check the flavor.. it is good to be the cook :)

At 5:30 I wrapped the ribs in double foil with a little agave, turbinado sugar and butter. (Learned this here and it is well loved in the family!)

Ribs back in and the chicken also added:

At 6:10 pulled the ribs and put them in a preheated oven on warm so I could crank the heat up for the chicken, potatoes and asparagus.

Heavy rain prevented me from taking more pics until I had a finished plate... except for the asparagus:

After I pulled the ribs, put the MAK back to smoke setting and put the jerky back into the main grill for a couple more hours.

Jerky done: (lessons learned: I cut the strips too big but the flavor was good!)

This was the first time I have had them over and they thought these were the best ribs they ever ate.. even both their kids ate the ribs. Made my day.
The funniest comment was when the husband smelled the grill and said "that is where the smell was coming from all summer. I thought someone was using their wood burning stove... so whenever we smell this we are welcome to stop by?" Followed by we ordered a 1/2 cow and do not know what to do with the brisket... can you cook it for us :)


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Round Two Chicken

Spatchcock chicken trick out my way

Includes home made caesar salad, spaghetti squash with pesto and skewered shrimp,
Biscuits on the Traeger. Thought I might after 9 months do a biscuit test.
And finally spatchcock chicken
Injected my chicken with garlic, butter, and bacon dripping. The cool thing about this is it creates the glue for my home make rub and helps to crisp the skin..
Prepped the shrimp with olive oil and Firehouse BBQ Rub
Biscuit thanks to Pillsbury. Test went well confirmed the hot spots on my grill

Once again sorry for the lack of pics and the quality.
I cooked the spaghetti squash in the oven and used a store bought pesto, added some shrimp . This was a side that I will do again.
Home made caesar dressing with a nice parmesan cheese and anchovy paste had a nice full flavor.
This was a real hit
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Buffalo Back Ribs w/ Old Vine Zinfandel BBQ sauce......

yesterday I made some bbq sauce - Old Vine BBQ sauce - it starts by reducing a bottle of Old Vine red zinfandel , adding some seedless blackberry jam, balsamic vinegar, ketchup, tomatoe paste, tabasco, a few spices

today .... whirled a rub around in the spice grinder - rosemary, black peppercorns, paprika, granulated garlic, kosher salt

applied it to a rack of buffalo back ribs (they were almost the size of the 1/2 sheet pan), let that sit while I got the pellet grill started...

into the grill hopper filled with red wine soaked oak pellets

just before foiling

the ribs were on the grill in foil for an hour and then I ftm while I did some roasted potatoes/onions & carrots

during that time I also threw in an apple pie


after foiling

a little bbq sauce applied (look at the color, pretty isn't it)

they went back into the grill for about 30 minutes

this was one of those cooks where the flavors came all together.... I was undecided about the sauce tasting it on it's own, the rub on the meat was pretty strong but all together it was perfect, it was all meant to be together

all plated

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Round 3

Atlantic salmon, risotto with parmesan cheese, and asparagus.
Started with a nice back half of a Atlantic salmon fillet
Premixed miracle whip dressing with fresh dill, olive oil, and garlic. Thick enough to cover and stick to fillet. I prepare this in advance,cover and refrigerate.
Break time
Cover fillet with pre made dressing
Add asparagus coated with olive oil and a spice that I got from Switzerland. (I would tell you the name but I dont even know myself)

Cooking temp was 225 with cherry/hickory mix.
This is one of my favorite fish recipes..


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Filets and twice baked potatoes.

First a little something to keep everybody happy while the rest cooks. Nachos with smoked cheddar.

Onto the MAK at 375 with hickory pellets. The lighter cheese is smoked habanero cheddar.

Looking good!

Seasoned the filets with EVOO, BP Dbl Secret, and a dusting of chili powder and habanero/cayenne mix. On to the MAK at 275.

The potatoes were put on while the grill was cooling from 375 to 275, this gave them some nice brown edges.

I don't usually sear my steaks, can you tell by the clumsy grill marks? These were cooked the BP way, flipped around 110, pulled at 135.

My plate, the filets were awesome, extremely tender and very flavorful. The potatoes had a nice light smoky flavor.

This picture is for Squirt. He was laying down, but got up when I came out with the camera...think he knows I don't share my MAK?
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