This weeks Contest..Cliff is the Judge Bring it on!


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Ribs Three Ways featuring Hot Wing Ribs

Had a three pack of back ribs, I like these because I always expirement on at least one rack. This time out I decided to see how my favorite Hot Wing sauce would taste on ribs.

All the ribs get the same garlic olive oil glue with Yardbird rub. On to the grill at 225 for two hours.

Meanwhile, I made my favorite Hot Wing Sauce. Franks Red Hot Cayenne sauce, extra ground cayenne and habanero, and butter. Heat on low, stirring as needed.

Ribs are ready for foil.

Two get the standard (thanks Sparky) brown sugar, butter, and honey. The hot wing ones get the hot wing sauce, lots of sauce. All three are foiled meat side down....225 for another hour.

Then they are removed from the foil and place back on the grill at 275 until done (just before fall off the bone state), about 35 minutes today. The BBQ sauce ones get one thick coat of Cookies Western BBQ sauce (fairly spicy). The remaining two get an initial brushing of Mango Habanero Rib Candy or Hot Wing sauce respectively. This is reapplied twice more and again as a finish.

All cut up, they were served with mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and fresh bread.

They all turned out great! If you like hot wings, (real hot wings, not soggy non-spicy ones) I highly recommend you try this. My girls are very finicky and love my deep fried hot wings...they raved about these hot wing ribs! (the wavy lines in the hot wing ribs were me messing around with the brush)

So...gotta have dessert, right?

Had leftover cherries from the dumpling expirement earlier this week, how about cherry cobbler? Into the cooker at 375...did I mention I love pellet smoking?


Oh yeah!

Have yet to see leftover cobbler...
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Apple Smoked Spatchcock Chicken

For my first MAK 2 Star cook I chose to Spatchcock a couple of chickens. Rubbed them with EVOO and Fagundes Seasoning


Preheated the MAK to 350ºF for 30 minutes. Inserted the Spatchcock chickens skin side down and set the MAK to smoke for 45 minutes. Using Bear Mountain Apple Pellets. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of smoke generated by the MAK. After 45 minutes, set temp to 350ºF.


Pulled the chickens when the IT reached 170ºF. Took just shy of 2 hours to go from an IT of 54º to 170º in the breast


The MAK is now broken in ...


Placing the Spatchcocked Chickens skin side down on a 350º grill created some nice grill marks before the smoke started


The money $shot ... ½ a breast, a thigh, and a wing accompanied by some steamed asparagus and a nice salad



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Ribs Sparky Style

Wasnt going to post this entry originally...The ending was too priceless not too...I cook alot of ribs but never did it with the honey, butter and brown sugar foil until I saw Sparkys style...Gotta give ya props...

Carolina Treet glue, plowboy and butcher honey rub followed by a quick spray

pulled 2.5 hrs later and foiled with Sparkys orginal Honey, Butter and Brown sugar

Unfoiled 45min later added a little Rufus Teague Honey Sweet then back on for about another 45



Now here is the best part...My 2.5 year old has not eaten a rib to this date....He tried one of these and thats all it took!!



Thanks Spark, I knew he had it in him!!!


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Alaskan Cod Dinner

Cooked potatoes at 350 with butter and garlic Then stirfried Green beans with teriaki and toasted sesame oil in Mak Griddle.
View attachment 398
Cooked Cod in Mak griddle at 400 with lemon juice ,butter ,garlic and sprinkled magic dust on cod and then sprinkled the magic dust on the potatoes and green beans. View attachment 399

Big Poppa

wait a minute....Sparky....they are now crediting you with brown sugar and butter in foil? THis is as old as the hills! Good on ya!


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Butter, brown sugar & honey was my idea. Lol. so are you telling me I'm has old as the hills. ya, so are you buddy. :)
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Ha ha ha sparky I know of a polygraph machine in sacto area....did you also invent foil? hahahahaha Just havein fun with you my friend


Wow so many good things... this won't be easy.

Still time for more entries. I'll be judging sometime after 9:00 pm EST when I get home from Band rehearsal. I'll be good and hungry by then :).


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were just having some bbq fun. all is good. no worries mate. No polygraph for sparky. To many secrets in that closet. :cool:
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gotcha spark If you get time can you start a thread on how you cam eup with the idea of smoking with pellets?


What can I say... I can think of no better way to end my B'day than getting to choose between all these awesome cooks that were posted :).

First of all, I don't know if anyone else noticed but GREAT job stepping up the side dishes & desserts this week! A very nice variety cooked on the grill. Show stoppers!

A few quick notes:

CarterQ: I love that you took traditional St. Patty's day fare and smoked it all on the grill. Beautifully done!

NePaS: You know those nightmares you have where you running as fast as you can yet you're barely moving? I'm gonna be dreaming of Hamzilla for months, only it'll be me doing the chasing and not being able to catch that delicious looking beast! :D

ITFD: That whole meal looked fabulous. Now I want to get some acorn squash and grill it.

Sparky: If it were up to my wife you would have one first place with what could have been a main or side dish. She saw that beautifully grilled shrimp, and then... well, then she saw the avocado and all I heard was, "Ooooh avocado." the contest all over for her! That was a match made in heaven my friend.

Malawoo: Great looking taters, green beans & Cod fish done on the MAK griddle. That griddle looks like a great tool. (MAK Daddy, will there be a griddle for the 1 star?)

Smoker Pete: You knew there's a special place in my heart (and my plate) for Apple smoked Spatchcock chicken didn't you? Very, very nice!

That Ahi Tuna was simple, but cooked to absolute perfection. That first shot of it plated really showed off that crust quite nicely. I will be getting me some kind of Tuna steaks and trying my best to make it come out as good as that looked.

Now for the three finalists:

Third Place - bflodan: You rolled out the big guns for this one! That Parmesan crusted chicken looked nice and crispy, and then to serve it with a sage butter sauce? Umm... Yum! ...BUT, as good as it looked it was your side dish that really caught my attention. That closeup shot of the twice baked potato with that cheesy crusty top... Wow!

Second Place - Rip: Ribs three ways and one of them being Buffalo Wing style. How could you not like that? Not to mention the Cherry cobbler... I can see myself sitting back in a chair next to a campfire with a bowlful of that warm cobbler.

First Place - Deb:
You outdid yourself this week. Two homemade Corned Beef Briskets, one turned into a Pastrami, sliced and made into one of my favorite sandwiches. A very intriguing side of Kale Chips, and then there was that masterfully done Peach Melba Clofouti. It may not have been the traditional cherry clofouti, but the french could sure learn a pointer or two from it! Well done.

Whew! Now that I'm exhausted Can somebody hand me a slice of that Peach Melba Clofouti and a bowlful of that Cobbler? :)

Good night to all!
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Congrats to Deb, bflodan, and all who entered! Another great week of cooks. I added several more things to my must try list. Thanks Cliff, I'd send you some cobbler if there was any left! Thanks BP!
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Congrats Deb and Rip, great week... Deb as soon as I saw that Pastrami sliced up like that I knew it was all over!!! There were alot of great cooks on there this week, I feel privileged to take third, thanks Tenthunter... You have to try those potatoes!!! That was my first, and definitely not my last!!! Thanks again
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Congrats Rip & Bflodan and everyone else - some great looking cooks this week! Thanks Cliff & BP.


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Thanks, TentHunter for the judging.
And congrats to the winners and to all participants for another outstanding week of fine cooks...


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congrats deb and all the other winners. i love this game we play on the weekends. ya'll are some great cooks and i am proud to be part of this forum and to know ya'll. sparky (the guy who came up with the butter, honey & brown sugar for ribs, ha ha BP).
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