This weeks Contest Squirt is the judge! 3-4-11


Smoked Chicken Soup and Beer Bread

Weather was not so hot here today, rain off and on and the wife was under the weather to boot, so what better than some chicken soup and homemade bread?

Here we go:

Took a whole chicken rubbed it with Hasty Bake Greek, put some italian dressing under the skin, and stuffed the cavity with onions and rub.



Onto the MAK @250 running BBQers delight maple


Smoked till an IT of 165


Take the meat off the chicken and set aside


Keep the remaining skin and bones for stock


Drop the carcass into 2qts chicken broth and 1 qt water, simmer for a half hour or so to get the flavor out of the bones. After this is done strain through a colander and reserve the broth.


Time to make some beer bread while the stock is simmering

Mix up some self rising flour, sugar, and warm beer and pour into a loaf pan


Pour melted butter over the top and onto the MAK @375 for about 45 minutes


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Smoked Chicken Soup and Beer Bread 2

Back to the soup

Add onion, celery, and carrot and sauté until soft.


Add reserved chicken meat


Add back broth with thyme, salt, pepper, and egg noodles. Simmer until noodles are tender.


Back to the bread

Sliced up and ready to go


The moment of truth:


This came out great, nothing better than chicken soup and warm bread on a rainy day. The smokey flavor of the chicken sent this over the top and beer bread in our house is always a winner. Wife was very happy and so was I.

Now for dessert........


BP's Smoked Peach Shortcake

Needed a little dessert to finish off the evening. Got some special peaches at work on friday that were flown in from down under and were extremely fresh. Had the perfect recipe for them so I brought some home.

BP has a video recipe for smoked strawberry shortcake on the BPS website that is absolutely to die for. He has suggested trying it with fresh peaches so I gave it a whirl.

Here we go:

Angel food cake on the MAK


Fresh ripe peaches, sliced up, add brown sugar and a little white cranberry peach juice.



Angel food cake done


Let cake cool. Slice and brush with melted vanilla butter


Peaches on the MAK along with the cake slices


Cake nice and toasty


Put the peaches on the cake and top with homemade whip cream, heaven!


This was an amazing dessert, BP was right. The strawberry version is killer but this is over the top. Can't wait for the summer fruit season and all the possibilities!
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Chicken Marsala

Spent a month in India last summer, very interesting cuisine. I thought I'd try adapting Chicken Masala to pellet smoking.

One whole chicken, cut into pieces and all parts (except the wings) were skinned. The larger pieces were slashed with a knife. The Masala seasoning was then thoroughly rubbed into the chicken. Wear gloves, this stuff is hot!

Onto the smoker at 250 until IT165.


While the chicken was cooking, fried rice was prepared with eggs, finely chopped cabbage and carrots, salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic. Served with an Indian drink of Sprite, crushed fresh mint, and squeezed lime.

This turned out great! Even the "picky" daughter liked it.
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Man, I was on the go all weekend so looking at all these great looking entries is killing me!

Great job everyone. Malawoo that looks like a great first cook on your new MAK :)!


Trigg Ribs

Jim they look fabulous! I know you went there to cure the rib dilema you were having...How about a report (not on the Recipe) I will venture to say that they were awesome

I cooked these without my full attention.I did use the baffle plate. Turned the heat (spice)up a little like Jody did on his. My timing was off a little on the long side. Was working making something and didn't hear the timer go off. Even with me trying to screw them up. The best ribs I have ever made and I can do it again it wasn't a fluke.

The Recipe I only have the rights to use it. I share it with 19 others who would have to sign off on any part of it.

How is it I go to a BBQ class and come home and order Chocolate?

Can't wait for the next class!
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Big Poppa

The chocolate is a reference to Tracy Woodhouse of Woodhouse Chocolates in St Helena Ca (Napa Valley) She is the Chocolatier and also the pitmaster of her and her husbands team....She makes GREAT chocolate!


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Fresh Rainbow

This is one of my favorites, one that I started doing on an open fire shore lunch while guiding in the Canadian arctic Great Bear Lake and Tree River. I mostly used lake trout or arctic char but it is just as good with atlantic or rainbow. This is mt hall of fame dish I have even served this on to George Bush Sr.
Fresh fillet about 8 lb fish before filleted
Fresh dill or as fresh as you can get in Ontario in March
Some garlic, Miracle Whip and olive oil
Press the garlic, maybe a cup of Miracle Whip, olive oil and fine chopped dill . Never measure so not sure of exact measurements. Mix and and then coat the fish. Put it on thick..
Into the Traeger first 1/2 hour on 180 and the last 1/2 225. To check if it is done take a fork and see if the the meat separates easy.
Next is roast garlic bannock
21/2 flour 6tsp baking powder 1tsp salt 1/3 cup lard mix and add water. After the dough is mixed add the roast garlic and place in greased cast pan and into the Traeger 325 30min
Add Arborio rice with onion and garlic and sauteed mushrooms and you have it..
The field version was a little less fancy, fried potatoes, canned beans, canned corn, cowboy coffee and dads cookies.


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Ok, here we go! This was tough...
I'll come back and add more comments in the morning - but I have to shuffle off to bed shortly.

We'll count them down - 1 -2 -3!

1st - bflodan - Steak And Potatoes (entire meal cooked in the MAK!)

2nd - TTNuge - Sea Bass (remotely - and healthy - while in the snow!)

3rd - malawoo - Prime Rib (first cook, tricky piece of meat, and knocked it out of the park!)


Rip - Personal Turkey Meatloaf/Chicken Masala (Love turkey meatloaf! That Masala looks crazy - I'm trying that shortly..)

FLBentRider - Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters (CT! Love that on chicken.. Great looking birds)

Deb - Turkey Tasso/Jambalaya (Wow, just wow. [golf clap])

jimsbarbecue - Johnny Trigg Ribs (Awesome ribs, sounds like the class is worth the price of admission!)

sparky - Brisket Chili/RIBS, just ribs (What can I say... Cheers my friend [clink].)

CarterQ - Smoked Chicken Soup and Beer Bread/BP's Smoked Peach Shortcake (I've tucked that soup recipe aside, as well as the Shortcake - I hope the Mrs is feeling better!)

ITFD#15 - Fresh Rainbow trout (Dang, very nice! I wish we could get fresh fish like that round here)


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Wow! Thanks STC! Didn't think I stood a chance against this crowd of even placing in the top 3. This is getting tougher each week and in a way I'm glad I don't have to judge this motley crew!


Great cooks again this week everyone! Everything looked awesome. Nice to see some of the new blood taking home hardware. Looking forward to next week already.
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Well thanks alot for my 3rd place. I didn't think I had a chance with all the great cooking. I am just here for the fun of pellet cooking and not to win. There was some great food here. Maybe next time I will get the pics. better. My Mak doesn't look quite as pretty after the first cook on it. Thanks again Henry
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