This weeks Contest TXPGAPRO is the judgee!


Wow talk about memories of N. Carolina... There was a persimmon tree in our yard. Of course in NC that's called Persimmon Pudding, but same thing. Carter where did you get your hands on some persimmons?


I work for a fruit company and we grow, pack, and ship a large amount of both Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons. I just grab some off the line when were running! Usually take a box every year and make purée and then freeze it.


Persimmons are small plum like fruits that kind of remind me of figs in texture but taste more like dates. You can't eat them until the frost has hit them then they turn reddish or orange and get sweet.

He he, I remember when I first moved to N.C. there was a guy at work who was across the street with a long broom handle and a bag hitting a tree. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was knocking the persimmons out of that tree. LOL, I didn't know what he was talking about and I jokingly retorted that someone needed to knock the persimmons out of him!


Wow! Amazing entries. I'm almost embarrassed to be posting mine. But I'll be posted here shortly trying to get the count up to 6!

Edit: OK, here it is. Nothing fancy and the pics aren't so good especially the outside pics.

We made my own version of Armadillo Eggs I call Heat & Sweet Armadillo eggs (and snuck in a few ABT's too). Instead of being wrapped in sausage, these are just topped with sausage.

I cut the Jalapeno's in half leaving the stems on and scraping out the seeds and pulp. If I can get them I'll use the "Mini Sweets" peppers and do the same. When I can't get mini sweets I use regular red, yellow or orange bell peppers and cut the sections into little boats like this:

I stuff them with a 50/50 mix of extra sharp cheddar and cream cheese.

I top them with some homemade sausage (this time it was Italian Turkey Sausage).

I put them on the Weber (no way was I going to fight the cold wind with the bigger modified offset).
Jack Daniels pellets are guuuud for peppers!

I also made a few ABT's using my previously made Smoked Kielbasa.

Good simple eats on a cold night!
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Persimmons have unique flavor, I would say it has a sweet spiced pumpkin flavor. Works great in cookies and breads.


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So i decided to do up these 15 pounds of wings i have. I will let the photos do some of the talking.

My SRG with pellets at the bottom. Cant find my spring form pan so a brick will have to do. This raises the cooking chamber.


A few Mies breaded wings.

25 mins later


So i said SELF

How bout some CT wings too

And since you have soooo many wings ya better fire up Lil'Tex. Its just to windy and cold to keep the MAK at a good temp.


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Wow, do I ever have a tough decision to make! Everyone's grillin' was so wonderfully described and pictured. Great job to all.

As you may know I just returned from a vacation to Jamaica compliments of some of my club members. Deb's Cuban sammies sent me right back to the Carribean. Oh my! What a work of art! Great story, pics and recipes, while fighting the windy weather.

And speaking of weather, what Squirt accomplished was nothing short of a miracle. Braving the snow storm, cold and wind to cook a brisket, pork spares and turkey rolls, well, Squirtthecat has some major league cahunas.

But one meal simply blew me away. The perfectly cooked, medium-rare filet inside a beautifully tanned pastry shell, complimented by bacon wrapped green beans and a tossed salad, well my mouth is watering and my stomach is growling right now. And a slice of warm persimmon bread with a big scoop of Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream, I must of died and gone to heaven. CarterQ you've taken the cake! Congratulations, you are this weeks winner, with Deb as my runner up! Well done to all. Thanks to Big Poppa for providing this forum for all to show, share and tell about their grillin' experiences! Now share this web site with someone new and let's spread the word about pellet cooking.

Big Poppa

Ok there were 5 entries by my count...Ill give the $25.00 gift certificate and a hoodie for Dob Keep it up and thanks for the entries!


Way to go CarterQ!!!!

Your Wellington was phenomenal. A lot of chef's would have been jealous of how well it turned out! Well deserved indeed!

Deb, Another amazing entry!

...after almost losing the ez up several times I was done outside....

He he, Our EZ-UP canopy didn't survive this storm! Its collapsed in our back yard and my smokers are getting buried in snow!

Squirt, You had your hands full for sure! Hats off once again for all your hard work for a charity event (especially in this snow storm)!


Thanks everyone! I am definitely humbled, some amazing food this week and most of it done in weather conditions that would make this Californian order takeout! I just wish we could share these cooks in person so everyone could get a taste! Oh well tasteovision is probably a few years off.

This weeks contest should be another good one. Thanks BP for supporting this, and for all you lurkers and fence post sitters - join in! It's fun, you were probably cooking anyway, might as well try and get a little somethin for it. Take some pics and post em up!

The fun of this forum is learning from each other and seeing our successes and failures.

Big Poppa

I try not to post my failures! Every once in awhile I get cocky or complacent and screw up what should be impossible Pellet cooking. Makes me focus
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