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Timing based on qty of butts


There should be a general rule to keep in mind (I hope) to the aged old question. If smoking one 8#lb butt @225º for 4-5 hrs then wrap & continue at 300º till it reaches 200º I'm somewhere in the 7-8 hour range. Shouldn't 2 butts at the same weight take approximately the same amount of time?


Yep, what Big Poppa said. Load the cooker up with butts and it will add some time. Especially in the beginning when they're still cold and sucking the heat out of the air in the pit.


That's what I was thinking, knew multiples would suck up the heat at the beginning causing some increase in total time, ergo the 'approx'. For those that have done this, what additional amount of time have you experienced?

Big Poppa

it depends on ambient temp and many factors but lets say 20-30 minutes...what you will get is a more moist cook from the extra humidity from the additional butts
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