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I am missing the warm weather and thought I would try something I haven't tried yet... Caribbean Pulled Pork. Got some Caribbean rub, Caribbean BBQ sauce, and some Goya Mojo Marinade. I got a nice 9 pound pork shoulder from Wegmans, injected with the mojo marinade, applied some garlic infused grape seed oil, the rubbed it down generously with some of the Caribbean rub.

Here are the ingredients:


This is just before going in the MAK...


Got the MAK to 275 and ran the meat for 3 hrs. Pulled, foiled, added apple juice and back on for another ~3 hours. Just over for this cook.

Here it is all pulled...


Plated with some Caribbean rice...


It turned out very good. Enjoyed the flavor profile. I typically use my own rub and inject with SOW. I recommend the Pirate Jonny's rub and BBQ sauce.
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