Turkey Day Contest!


Apple Smoked BBQ Turkey Pie - Part 1 'The Turkey'

This is the first part of my entry for this week's contest.

Like Deb I'm taking the leftover Turkey route for this weeks contest. I'm making a BBQ Smoked Turkey Pie. I'll post the rest tomorrow, but for now here's the turkey.

I started with a fresh 13 lb. bird, no injections, no brine. It was spatchcocked, then both sides were rubbed with some Olive Oil and a herb mix of Sage, Rosemary, Cracked Pepper & a little Sea Salt.

It was cold and rainy so we setup the canopy over the cooking area. NO WAY was I gonna cook this in the oven just because of rain! I put a drip pan of hot water under the grate to create a humid cooking environment & loaded up my cast iron smoking pot with BBQr's Delight Apple Wood Pellets. The sweet smell of the Apple wood is mesmerizing, my son didn't want to leave the pit (and neither did I) but there was other stuff to do!

I setup 2 Digital thermometers: 1 to monitor Pit temp and 1 to monitor the IT of the bird. (How do ya like the Spiderman camping chair I used as a table? everything else was soaking wet from the rain, LOL).

A pit temp of 235 - 240° was maintained for about 2 hrs 45 min. until the bird's temp hit about 160°. The pit temp was quickly raised to about 325 for the last half hour to crisp the skin. That beautiful Chestnut brown color is why I love Apple wood smoke for poultry.

Because it was spatchcocked, even though it cooked at a lower temp for most of the cook, it was still done in 3.25 hours rather than the 4.5 hours it would have taken otherwise.

It rested under a foil tent while we transported it (and everything else) over to my Mom's house. I've done countless chickens, but this was my first smoked turkey and we were NOT disappointed! When we moved it to the serving platter a leg fell off it was so tender.

My mom who is on a strict low sodium diet absolutely loved that the applewood flavor meant I didn't have to add a lot of salt. Even my skeptical brother-in-law commented how moist the white meat was.

Mom commandeered a good portion of the leftover turkey (which made me feel really good :)) so I was left with only 1 thigh and about 1/2 of a side of breast. Tomorrow I'll show you how that's being used. ;)

To be Continued...


BBQ Smoked Turkey Pizza Pie - Part 2

This was the leftover thigh from the smoked turkey which had a beautiful pink smoke ring.

I shredded and set it aside.

I made a Herbed Beer Bread Pizza Crust, applied a layer of homemade BBQ sauce, & topped with Monterrey Jack Cheese, the shredded smoked turkey, red onion & Roasted Red Pepper.

The BBQr's Delight Savory Herb pellets are suppose to be good for Pizza, so I thought I'd give 'em a try!

Continued -->


BBQ Smoked Turkey Pizza Pie - Part 3

The Pie - done and ready to come off! (We also cooked up a pepperoni & homemade Italian sausage pie - it was good too)


The sweet & tangy BBQ sauce plays well with the monty jack cheese & roasted red pepper & smoked turkey to give a really good overall BBQ flavor.



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And here we go..

Grand Prize: TentHunter

Going out in the pouring (and cold) rain to cook a turkey over finicky charcoal (w/ Pellets!), and have it come out that great? Off the chart. You had me at the turkey, but to make pizza out of it... (w/ more pellet smoke) Ding Ding Ding. You are now $25 closer to a real Pellet Cooker!

2nd Prize: FLBentRider

That bird and the sides were a thing of beauty. I had a tinge (more than..) seeing the kids swimming on Thanksgiving day. Did I mention my truck doors were frozen shut the next morning?? You need to venture North to cook in the frigid cold one weekend. A Big Poppa Hoodie will come in handy for that trek!

3rd Prize: doodles

Simple post, but you hammered the point home, and you showed a Norman Rockwell worthy bird. And the proof was in the pudding. (or the gravy, or whatever you had on the side) Next time you can carry that lovely bird in sporting a Big Poppa Apron to keep the juices off of you!

Great cooks, all around! What a fun weekend.

Big Poppa

Thank you Squirt and all that entered....To the winners Enjoy! to the runnerups...there is always next week

Tent is the next judge!


Cool beans! I just got home from playing in a concert and almost went straight to bed.

Wow, there were more great entries this week than ever and I love it! Let's have even more next week.

Thanks Squirt and all who entered. You guys make this weekly contest a lot of fun!

P.S. I'll definitely be saving the $25 to go towards a new Pellet smoker!
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