Upper rack size?? 3/4 or full


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Hi all,

I am a newbie shopping for his first Mak 1. dialing in the extras... Upper shelf. 1/2 look too small, full looks like it could be restrictive to the main grate. Leaning towards a 3/4.

Please share your thoughts and experiences.

when I pull the trigger I will post up and if the first cook is worthy, it will be up too



I went for the full upper rack, because I need the full capacity for a few large cooks I do each year. BUT, the back of the bottom grate is definitely harder to reach!

The 3/4 rack would definitely make getting to the back of the bottom grate a little easier.

If you do go for the full upper rack, then one will find much happiness and wisdom in using a set of arm-length gloves, Grasshopper. Otherwise your arm may become one with the hot upper rack when reaching underneath it! :rolleyes:
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