Venison - Smoked or blasted?


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I took my first deer (ever) this morning during muzzle-loader season. It's off to the butcher now, and next weekend I will be grilling!

Any suggestions as to which cuts get smoked or blasted?

Obligatory photo, family safe (non-gruesome)



No clue... sorry. Never even eaten deer before.
Last night I went over to my parents house in Walnut Creek and crossing the road in front of me was a buck! Have never seen a buck like that in a residential neighborhood. Always see the does but never a buck. They just seem to know to stay low. Don't know how many points it had but at least 4 or 5 on each side. The antlers went up about 1'-2' above his head. This one must have been sick or something to be in a residential neighborhood or they are just getting more tame or bold.


Congrats on the first deer!

Deer meat is very lean, so it doesn't usually do well low and slow unless you do something to keep moisture on the meat. It makes some great sausage (summer sausage, salami,) if you are into that kind of thing. I ate some this week that a friend of mine had made. It was a summer sausage w/ jalapenos and cheese ground into it. Deer meat also makes great jerky.

I think you could cook the steaks just like you would a beef steak, just be careful not to overcook, and dry out. I actually prefer deer steak fried. I marinate in italian dressing, toss in a little flour and seasoned salt, and deep fry.

When I have a deer processed, I usually have the bulk of it ground into burger. Nothing makes a better pot of chili than deer meat!


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Thanks all!

Bear, I pan fried some small steaks last night and they turned out pretty good, thanks! I'm dropping off a backstrap/loin at my great=Uncle's today (the one who started the family store), hopefully I can sneak a recipe from him.
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