Weekly Contest Rules


This is a fun contest where everyone can show off their weekend cooks and win prizes from Big Poppa Smokers.

The only rules are:

1) This is a weekend contest - Starts on Friday and entries are due Sunday, Midnight Pacific time. If it's a holiday weekend, Big Poppa can extend the entry period. The food entry should be cooked during this weekend time period, using pellets (as specified).

2) You can cook with anything you want - gasser, charcoal, campfire, or pellet fueled. Just incorporate pellets into the cook somehow and show how you used them.

3) Judging happens the day after the contest ends. You win you judge; this weeks winner is next weeks judge!

4) If there are less than six (6) entrants, the contest will carry over to the following weekend.

5) PLEASE limit photos (actual attachments or "" codes) to no more than 12 per entry.

[I]Tip: Composite photos (a collage of smaller pics) take up less room and only count as one photo.[/I]

Have fun! This isn't a cut throat comp, just a fun way to share what you're cooking and to see what everyone else is doing!
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Big Poppa

want to clear up something...in order to get free freight from BPS at least 39.95 has to change hands....some are saving coupons and expecting me to throw in the freight too...IT would crush the contest if we did that....remember it costs you nothing to enter and so I hope you understand that giving you product does not count towards freight....thanks
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