Why did you buy the smoker you have cost/easy to use /customer service ?


My decision came down to the Memphis Pro, or the MAK. I like many features about both (especially that they are made in the US), but since I was mostly wanting it for grilling, the higher temps in the Memphis won me over.

I have to say that it does everything I want it to do, and more.

I still may have to own a MAK someday.......


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own a lil tex and love it. going to get a mak 2 star real soon. seen one at my bbq guys store and it looks to be the right size for me. i think the 3 star would be to big. would like the 2 star to get has hot at the mak 1 star though.

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I read allot of post concerning Grills/Smokers in Pelletheads.com. Bob Tucker made himself available to me for questions and concerns. For me and I'm sure many others this was a big ticket to buy so I wanted to make sure there would be no buyers remorse. I am very happy to say I made the right choice for my family and I. ;)


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I knew I wanted a pellet smoker since I already heat with pellets and never got along with charcoal. I was, however, torn between the MAK and Memphis Pro. After chatting with BP a few times and what with me living "up nawth" and all, we decided that the best product for me would be the Memphis Pro because of the higher temps and dual insulation so I can extend my grilling season. I love the ease of use and Hearthland customer service is excellent - they upgraded the electronics module for the Pro and sent out new modules at no charge to the consumer. What a nice surprise that was, not to mention the fantastic service from BigPoppaSmokers.com!


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Less than one month of messing with P-Settings and flame outs on my Lil' Tex had me looking for something better. Knowing a few people with MAK's already, doing research on that other pellet forum and comparing the feature list it really seemed like a no-brainer. I love everything the MAK has to offer and I really use all the features on a fairly regular basis.

(And to be fair to the Traeger crowd, I probably didn't give the Lil'Tex a fair shake and I'm sure if I stuck with it I could have made it work)


Note to bob at mak before he thinks I played favorites....pete wanted to get over 500 on a regular basis.
I knew you were up to no good!

Might sound strange but I actually like the Memphis and even BS with their GM on occasions. We just took a different approach to the Market, (which is a good thing) but are blazing the same High quality USA trail!
Now if they outsource they will become the enemy really fast!

MAK is all about quality and innovation, while we may not fit everyone we love it and are having a blast doing it. Judging from our customers and dealers comments we are doing a great job too :)


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Bob I will be happy to throw the bennys your way when I am ready for #2 - it's only a matter of time! I love the programmable options you have.

I guess I will need to put ANOTHER addition on my deck.....
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