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See if anyone has same problem as me. LL/wP is one of my fav base-seasonings for BBQ (if not my fav), i wanted to say that up front so that u dont get the wrong idea. However, LL/wP can be very deceptive. It looks so much like a rub that i often forget its salt, and sometimes over-season my food. Anyone here done this???


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I make the same mistake sometimes, have to remind myself that it's a salt. Love the rub though, great on pretty much anything.

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i like it alot. i never put it on heavy. i always shake mine up. the pepper in it will settle so sometimes it comes out pepper heavy.


We love the Little Louie's w/ black pepper too, but the problem we run into is with the holes in the big bottles. They're so big they do make it easy to accidentally pour too much on.

To control it better we just pour some into a smaller bottle with smaller holes and refill as needed.
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