CarterQ is the Judge for this weeks contest!

Big Poppa

Great showing by all and we had a newbie collect a bonus gift.

OK if it is less than 6 cooks then its a $10.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers

If it is more than 6 cooks entering then the prizes will be:

1st place $25 dollar Gift Certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
2nd Place Big Poppa Smokers Hoodie
3rd Place 6 Coozies

If it is a newbie in any of the above I will toss in 6 Big Poppa Smokers Coozies as a bonus to get more new people entering

You can post as many entries as you like...I count the cooks not the dishes...


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First Cook

Finished my first cook on the Traeger, right around sunset. The meat was a just under 2 pound pork loin, rubbed with salt, pepper and a few other "secret" ingredients. Started the loin fat-cap side down at 450 for about 15 min. using Applewood pellets, then flipped fat cap up for about 2.5 hours. Finished with an Apricot/ Maple glaze that had a Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce (Cincinnati) base. The Montgomery Inn sauce was not my first choice -too sweet- but the wife likes it.

The loin turned out great! The meat had a rosy pink glow and was very moist! There is enough for two meals, but we had a hard time stopping half-way through. I'm hooked-no surprise-, but more important, I think the wife is as well!
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well, here it goes. the ribs i did were the best ones i have cooked since i started pellet cooking. the kids and myself were blown away with the flavor of them. i started with baby backs, yellow glue and obie-wans sweet & heat (good rub).

set to

on the new grill (i have named her meph, like a sea meph)

took off after 2 1/2 hours and added 1 tbs butter, brown sugar and honey.


one more hour w/ foil then off. put on texas jelly (the berry one, it was good)

the end product and i might say way yummy.
. had fun and made the best ribs i have every had. the one i had w/ a FT was good.


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welp, 5 pm and looking for a little snacky poo. heh, guess what i found in the frig.

onto the grill holmes.

2 1/2 hours later. added some secret stuff.

one more hour in foil and off they came. more secret stuff.



looking good...



they were yummy. alittle something for the grill dog "Marley".

he was thinking "why do i have to sit out here with this idiot". it was only 32º. not to bad. keep the FT cold.
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Dutch Oven "Swiss Steak" Pot Roast - Saturday Dinner

A recent thread on dutch ovens caused us to go buy one, this is our first pellet cook with it. I'm using plural because my wife has joined in the fun and this is her creation.

3.2 lb beef roast
2 lg cans whole tomatoes
1 cup water
1 cube beef boullion
1 onion
1 bell pepper
dried garlic, pepper, salt, hot pepper mix (cayennes & habaneros)

Chopped the onion and pepper.
Coat dutch oven with olive oil, add beef roast, cover with remaining ingredients, add seasonings. Today, instead of the second can of tomatoes, we added a bag of frozen ones from last year's garden.

Clean grill and preheat smoker to 350

Ready to cook.

Cook ~five hours or to desired tenderness. We rotated the roast a few times as well.

The flavor was incredible! There was no leftover beef, next time we'll use a larger roast!

Sorry, no plated shots, stomachs were growling!


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Breakfast Caserole - Sunday

Around our house this has been an indoor favorite for we're taking it outside.

7 pieces of bread, cubed
1 dozen eggs
2 cups milk
1 bell pepper, chopped
1 dozen uncooked breakfast sausages
salt, pepper, hot pepper mix (cayennes/habanero)

The night before I smoked the sausages at 225 for about an hour and a half.

Dusted off the smoker, the first of an expected 7-10 inches of frozen sunshine has started to fall...

While the smoker preheats to 350, spray the baking dish with pam or coat with your favorite release agent, spread the bread, combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl and pour on top.

Cooks for an hour or so, test with toothpick or fork.

Ready to eat!


Big Poppa

Rip That is great both of them. Let me give you two tips that I learned from a James Beard Chef when braising, which is what the dutch oven is doing....(not that those cooks arent perfect!) The first one is to take some heavy duty foil and push it down to the surface of the liquid and put it around the outside of the pot and then cover. It keep the oxygen out and reduces boiling that actually can make the meat tougher. The second is to cook at a temp that does not get so where the liquid breaks down the meat better...I do it at 275 on my cooker and have had excellent results.

Dont take these hints wrong it is just that sometimes you see a cook and remember things along the way

That breakfast casserole is killer too!


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Thanks BP! I am here to learn. We did discuss whether or not to cook with the lid on...we decided to try and strike a balance between taking advantage of pellet smoking flavor and meat tenderness. Otherwise, up here in the winter wonderland, indoor oven cooking would help heat the house. While I've certainly had beef that was more tender, this was quite manageble with just a fork. I had not thought of foil against the surface to reduce the boiling...the more we learn about cooking processes, the better. 275 sounds like a worthwhile experiment for the next time. Thanks again for the tips! (I might even learn to spell casserole and bouillon correctly...:)


Sparky, them are mighty fine looking ribs especially finishing them off with the pepper jellies (which I also just got this past week - they're guu-uud)!

No smoking for me this weekend (bad sinus infection) so I'm living vicariously through the posted pics this week. Keep 'em coming :)!


Ha ha ha ha!

Rip, I just took a second look at your post. I've gotta try cleaning my grill like that!

My head now hurts from laughing so hard :D!

Big Poppa

what I do is sort of persmoke the meat then put it in the dutch oven YOu can bring it to a boil on the dutch oven with the lid off, then just foil the surface and cover and reduce the heat.


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I am going to the office this week so I needed to make something to bring… first thought was pulled pork but I have done that the last couple times, then I thought pulled beef but there are a few people that wouldn’t eat it….. the pulled beef through morphed into smoky chili and then I figured I would make a second one to feed the non beef eaters…….. chicken chili verde……….

Chili Two Ways:

Chocolate pound cake with Dark Cherry Sauce

The process…..
yesterday I threw a bunch of peppers on – the cut peppers are for the beef chili and the uncut are for the chicken (they will stay on the grill and get roasted later)

Then threw some tomatillos on and some onions & garlic in foil

A couple of chuck roasts into the Traeger , later into a bath of beer, beef broth, onions, Cajun seasoning

Started the beef chili base – tomatoes, kidney beans, the smoked peppers (red, poblano, jalapeno, serrano) & onions, herbs & spices – cooked in the crockpot most of the day

Pulled beef Ready to get added to the chili mix


Combined and simmered for about an hour

to be continued......
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