CarterQ is the Judge for this weeks contest!


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Back to the chicken chili
Chicken thighs on the Traeger

The base – the roasted tomatillos, roasted peppers (4 poblanos, couple jalapeno, Serrano), onions, roasted garlic. Handful of cilantro, Mexican oregano & cumin added right before processing


Into a pan , added some chicken broth and simmered before adding the shredded chicken, simmered for about an hour with the chicken

I wasn’t going to do a dessert but there has been so much talk about cake lately ……. So I mixed up a chocolate pound cake and threw into the grill after the chicken came out
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Spicy Chicken Thighs

3/3/1/1 mix of
Granulated Garlic
Cayenne Pepper

Soak in Carolina Treet for 24 hours


Add the spices

On to the MAK @250F with CP Perfect mix



The elves were busy making desert:


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As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly...



Honeysuckle White baby boulders (all white meat turkey breast roasts), doused with CT and Head Country.

Getting some 255° love in the MAK...

One is for us, and one is for the nice retired gentleman that plows our driveway every time it snows.
He's getting some pulled pork and bacon as well..

[flash forward 4.5 hours]

Pulled at 162°, both came up to the target temp at the same time.



Splash of water in the pan, covered tight with foil/towels and into an OS cooler for a bit. (this helps loosen up the netting)

[after a couple hours resting]

Netting comes right off - with a bit of tugging.


Plated up for a quick dinner, leftover Spaghetti Corn Casserole on the side.



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Inspired by some previous weeks cooks, I decided to do stuffed chicken breasts and stuffed pork chops.
Started out by sautéing mushrooms and sweet bell peppers in white wine and butter. Added some minced garlic, salt and pepper.

Add all this to standard stuffing mix. I used Stove Top Pork this time. Pound out the chicken breasts and pork chops and stuffed then rolled them up.



Spritzed with EVOO and sprinkled with rub.
Then onto the smoker at 350* for about 30 minutes. They turned out great.




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ohhhh baby its getting good..The good new when you win this is gfeeling pretty good and getting some stuff...the bad news is you have to judge these cooks...You all are just killing it


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I also tried the "Dump Cake" for dessert.
Started out by soaking some fresh diced peaches in peach rum for a few days. Then I added a cup of "Sugar in the Raw" and a half stick of butter and simmered it down.


Mixed up a Duncan Hines Spice Cake and poured it over the peaches. All this was done in a cast iron Dutch oven. Put the cake in the MP for 30 minutes at 350*.

After 30 minutes it still wasn't done. I started to panic but Carter and Deb both told me to just keep patient and let if go a little longer. After 45 minutes it was done.

Looked good, smelled good and tasted fine but was very crumbling and the topping burned and stuck to the pan. Guess it was slightly overdone or maybe I over beat it.

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Allright sorry the judging was so late on this one but you guys just killed me this week!

In no particular order:

txpgapro - Your stuffed chicken and pork looked awesome, love the use of the stuffing mix. Those came out great and this is where I wish we could judge by taste! Thanks also for sharing your dump cake, while it's fun to share the home runs it's also good to share the not so great ones as this is how we learn from each other and all get better.

KimG - Meatloaf and Chicken pot pie? Hitting me with the comfort food 1 2 punch, both of those looked awesome and loved the emphasis on the healthy cooking. Thanks for sharing your ideas for everyday meals that are good for us as well.

Rip - I don't know if I have the power but I would like to strip you of the rookie tag, your cooks do not warrant it! That beef looked awesome and that breakfast casserole was great, definitely putting some things on my "to do" list!

Sparky - you already won this week, you have a shiny new Memphis rockin on your patio. It definitely seems to realize it has found a happy home and it is showing it's appreciation by cooking you some killer ribs!

JHagedon - wow your first cook was a home run! That roast looked like your sunset, perfect! I can see how juicy it was and love that fact that you sold the wife on the first cook!

flbentrider - that chicken was simply amazing, love the great simple recipe, the finished product looks perfect, nice smoky crust and great color. I love chicken thighs and this is definitely another addition to my "to do" list. Oh and BTW those elves are definitely keepers!

Deb - You are the over achiever of the group, that beef chili would have converted anyone with doubts about beef right on over but you went ahead and made the beef eaters doubters with that chicken chili! Love chile verde and your chicken looks great. Oh and you couldn't stop with all of that, you just had to throw in that cake!

Squirt - Your boulders look awesome, the CT and rub on the outside coupled with that moist inside has me craving turkey and looking for a boulder of my own to try. Way to take simple goodness and kick it up a notch!

OK Drumroll please...............

3rd place - KimG and her turkey meatloaf

2nd place - Rip and the Breakfast Casserole

1st place - Deb and her chili two ways

Again you guys made it extremely hard as there were no bad cooks! Congrats to all and please give Deb hell next week!


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Congrats to Deb and Kim! Sparky, I was pulling for you, those ribs looked awesome! All the submissions were great!

Carter, thanks for the compliments! This site and it’s members (and wood pellets) are truly the foundation for great cooking results. Thanks BP!

About that rookie status thingie, hahaha.. My first pellet cook (Spatchcocked Turkey on Christmas day) was my six smoking attempt ever. For years I've owned a Brinkman all in one gas smoker. Cooked ribs for my first smoke and they were good. Tried ribs three more times over the years and they sucked worse each time…a lot of work tending the smoker for throw out results…not completely blaming the equipment…I just never learned how to make it do what I wanted. I tried a brisket last November and it actually was edible…this gave me hope and I started researching a better smoker…stumbled onto in mid December. Got a Lil Tex two days before Christmas.

I’ll relinquish any claims to being a newbie anymore ;)….but against the expertise on this forum, I’ll be a rookie for a while to come!

Big Poppa

OK Im sending all entrants this week some coozies. You were seriously all winners. Tough JOb.

Hey look at it this don t have Deb to worry about this week as she is the judge! The bad news is that Carter is back in the running

Thank you all for embracing this less as a competition but as a showcase for us and the lurkers out there.


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Congrats to Deb and Rip! Everyone's food looked AWESOME!!!

I will be out of the running for awhile, until I do another 'multi-cook'. Sometimes having bigger smokers can have a downfall.

Good luck to everyone next week! Can't wait to see what you do.


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Thanks everyone, especially CarterQ & BP. Everyones entries were awesome.

Like CarterQ said give me hell next week. I need lots of entries to judge and I'm sure you are already planning what you are cooking!

Kim - you need a smaller smoker so you can play all the time!
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