CHRISTMAS CONTEST!!!!2011 Bring on the goods!

Big Poppa

Ok lets show the world how much better pelletsmokers eat!

If we get 15 entries I double the prizes!

first place $25. Store Credit To Big Poppa Smokers
second place $15 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
third place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

all other entries get $5 credit to BPS...Will not be doubled if we hit the 15 cooks only the top three prizes

Cook away and Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Ribeyes

Today I made our traditional christmas ribeyes. But this year they were extra special!
They were cooked on the MAK!

Burning wine soaked oak the MAK was set to 450º

I started off by putting in some twice baked potatoes. These were made with onion, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.


While the potatoes were heating up to a golden brown I got the asparagus ready to go in. I drizzled them with some Garlic EVOO I just got from BP and some ground sea salt.
Big Poppa that Gradassi is good stuff! We all loved it!


It's time for some meat!

The steaks were reverse seared using grill grates. Everyone wanted theirs cooked differently from med rare to burnt. Burnt? :confused: It's christmas so I even burnt one for the MIL ;) I put hers on 15 minutes before the others. Mine was sprinkled with double secret steak rub and two others got a light sprinkle of garlic seasoning. One was even naked and plain. The wifes family have never had smoked ribeyes before tonight..they're huge fans now!


Lets plate it up!

Ribeye, twice baked, asparagus, home made honey wheat bread, orange cream salad and a glass of red wine.





All I can say is..OH MY GOODNESS!
The MAK does such a great job cooking everything I throw at it! The steaks were moist and tender. Even the one I had to over cook was very well done but not dried out.
The twice baked had the crispy outside we all love so much and with a a little salted butter it was delicious. The Asparagus came out nice and tender with a very light garlic taste. YUM!

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Well you gotta have holiday dessert right?? :p

Tonight I made smoked angel food cake and strawberry kabobs. There is something about smoked/grilled angel food cake that I just can't get enough of. It's soooo good!
I cooked these on the grill grates as well to get that char on them.




Put some whipped cream with it and enjoy!
This is one dessert you must try! You won't be dissapointed!
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Big Poppa

Chili looks really good...try a light baste of butter on the angel for some enhanced carmelization...maybe a splash of vanilla in the butter .....


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this is how pelletsmokers eat breakfast :D

earlier in the week I began prep..... I made and smoked bacon
I also made and smoked canadian bacon using pork tenderloins , I don't have a pic of them smoking but here they are in the brine

On wednesday I started mixing a triple batch of cinnamon rolls, the mixer decided it wasn't in the Christmas spirit and stopped dead, I kept going and had to knead by hand.... they rose, i rolled them out, rolled them up and into pans, into the freezer til last night... took them out overnight rise and they here they are ready to be baked with the bacon...

bacon in the grill

bacon came out and cinnamon rolls in

finished cinnamon rolls

Breakfast - cinnamon rolls, canadian bacon, bacon, and eggs

Merry Christmas everyone!
I have been away for the week and unable to use my Mak. Now that I am back, I wanted to try something different. Filet Mignon stuffed with Point Reyes blue cheese.

First, got some baked potatoes going on the Mak. Rubbed with EVOO and topped with sea salt. Then on to the Mak at 350°F for about an hour.


Made a mixture of blue cheese, butter, and salt and rolled in plastic wrap and into the fridge for hardening. Will top the filets with a slice of this when they come off the grill.

When the potatoes were done, cranked the Mak up to high. While the grill was coming up to temp, made a slit in the filets and stuffed with the blue cheese:



Seasoned the steaks with Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub:


Then on to the grill grates (had to get a couple of black flakes off):


Steaks are done:


Plated up with a couple of slices of the hardened mixture of butter, blue cheese, and salt that I made earlier:


Cooked medium-medium rare, just how the family likes it:


This was fantastic if you like blue cheese! First time to cook filets, and first time to stuff with blue cheese (other than burgers). Came out great and will try again!


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Christmas Eve Treat

Our Christmas Eve menu is a tradition and I wasn't about to suggest any major changes...however, it can't hurt to add some ribs, right Sparky?

I've been itching to try the new BPS Chili EVOO, this seemed like a great time!

But first I have to smoke some cheddar cheese and finish up the last batch of garden peppers....

After a liberal rub of Chili EVOO (this stuff is great! It has a heat that spreads slowly around your taste buds..I have several ideas kicking for this product!), and Yardbird/Soileau's, it's on to the MAK @smoke for 30 minutes, then 90 minutes at 275.

Looks like these guys are ready for some FL!

Oh Yeah!

Foiled and back on for another hour at 275, then sauced and set until the toothpick test is passed. Half were hot wing sauced and the other were Spicy BBQ.

After a short rest they were sliced and carefully arranged like shrimp around a large serving dish...went to the next room to retrieve the camera...and what the! The locusts had descended and over half of them were gone!!! Oh well, I think we have a new menu item for Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas Dinner

Dinner was Strube Brisket and Rib Eye Roast and Turkey. The ribs shown are going to the second part of the family Christmas at my nephew's house. That is where the beer pong etc. Gets going. Also included a photo of the family on Skype with my niece who is away at school in France.

Turkey Prep

The Brisket

Strube Rib Eye which was to die for!

I place all the trimmings on a top rack above the roast to baste

The Turkeys and the Ribs were cooked on my Big Poppa Smokers Signature edition Mak 2 Star




My Niece from France . Here her cousins and sisters are having the Christmas Photo taken with her.


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Christmas Prime Rib

First time Posting a cook...

Started with a 6# Prime Rib

Some EVOO, a little Bovine Bold, Garlic, Salt and Pepper

View attachment 1019

On to the MAK at 220 for about 3 hours

View attachment 1017

Looking for a medium rare
View attachment 1016

View attachment 1018

Dinner all plated up
View attachment 1020

Thanks for looking,

Merry Christmas

I remember a thread about posting pictures, but I can't find it. Can someone send me the link so I can post real pictures?




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Some snacks before dinner

Feeling the need for stuffed mushrooms.

Basic recipe is from the Healthy Heart Cookbook but they taste good anyway

Started with some mushrooms:

View attachment 1026

All plated up and ready to get happy

View attachment 1027

Party in the smoker box

View attachment 1028

After an hour of smoke then a 25 minute turn on the grill at 425 and all done

View attachment 1025

The parmesan cheese took the smoke really well and they were yummy

Thanks for looking.

Meat Man

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Christmas Cook Turducken & Prime Rib

What a great day family, food , sun shine, and the Bears:(

Got a great day to cook!

First Turducken on the Mak, looks great!

Cajun Dressing, Cajun Rub smells outta sight

Prime Rib turned out really nice 17lbs, 9 hours on the grill.

Wishing you and your a blessed Holiday and a Happy New Year!
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Well let's see if we can double that payout. Twas Christmas Dinner.

Smoked some nuts and cheese for cocktails.
Sure were tasty


Got to get going on dinner. Cooked some lobsters and marinated some filets.




Got the bechamel going for the lobster. A little paprika,sherry and cayenne pepper. In goes the lobster.


Get the steaks on the grill


Fill the shells with lobster and top with a mix of parmesion cheese and panko bead crumbs. Onto the mak


Sautee a little asparagus with evoo and balsalmic vineger.


And there you go. Filets with Lobster Thermador.


Oh and don't forget desert. No it was not cooked on the mak



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Ham for Christmas

My wife bought a 10lb Pre-cooked spiral cut ham.

BPS Mussini's Balsamic w/coffee for glue and Plowboy's Yardbird. On to the MAK at 225 for about 4 hours, then up to 300 until IT140, and baste twice with a Maple Syrup based glaze (dilute the syrup with a little water and add some Soileau's cajun for a little kick). Oh yeah, cooked over a pan of water, (thanks Squirt)

The spiral cuts really helped with smoke absorption, everyone raved about the flavor!

This morning the kitchen is filled with the aroma of Ham & Bean soup in the crockpot!
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Not yer Momma's Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner

SEVENTEEN pound pan of lasagna.. :eek:


90 minutes of hardwood smoke at 275*..




Considering it was a joint effort between myself (never made lasagna before, and that pan has sat unused for almost 16 years), and my Mother In Law (who has long since forgotten how to make lasagna), it turned out great!

We did have a little help from the budding young cook's bible..


Thanks Katy and 'Betty' for your assistance... :cool:
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