CHRISTMAS CONTEST!!!!2011 Bring on the goods!

Meat Man

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The boys and I like em big, we always go for the double cut. We like to have a little left over for french dips. Hey BP, I would love to see some photos of your Christmas meal. I can only imagine it was awesome.


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sparky's coffee ribs

you know what i cook.



onto #336 @ 275.


some flippy, flippy.


looking good manard....


sauce time.


looks good.



dude, nice smoke ring. why thank you. its the maks.


to be honest w/ ya. not my favorite.


Norwegian Meatballs

Just adding to the count here-

I was off the hook cooking for most of the holiday meals this year, people felt bad that we always have everything at our house (I blame the MAK for this) and decided to reciprocate. I did do a little meal for Christmas eve. A tradition on my mom's side of the family is Norwegian meatballs, I tried them on the MAK last year and they were awesome so this year I did the same-

Start out grinding fresh veal and pork



Mix some bread crumbs, egg, ginger, all spice, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and onion.


Mix in the meat


Formed into one inch meatballs and onto a frogmat. Cook at 275 until done


While the meatballs are cooking do a basic brown gravy and then add some heavy cream


Meatballs are done after an hour


Put them is the gravy to share the goodness for a little bit


Served over some mashed Yukon gold potatoes, green beans and a nice glass of Pinot



This came out perfect again, I love the classic flavors of this holiday tradition spiced up with a little smoke. Would love to see my grandmas reaction to her recipe after I "barbecued" it!


Home-cured Holiday Picnic Ham

This started about 4 days ago when my wife & I went to the butcher and bought a 14.5 lb whole pork shoulder and had him cut the butt end off giving us a nice 8 lb fresh picnic ham cut.

I made a simple brown sugar brine cure (Filtered Water, Brown Sugar, Pickling Salt, Cure #1). Next I injected & submerged the picnic shoulder with the brine then into the fridge to cure for 3 days.

CHristmas morning I took it out to let it drain & form a pellicle, peppered it with some fresh ground Allspice then put it on the Stoven to Hot-Smoke with some Sugar Maple Pellets (the MAK was already busy with the wife's dessert).

After about 4 hours of hot-smoke...

Time to go into a pan to braise with some Pineapple, Maraschino Cherries & Pineapple juice.

At about 145° I.T. I brushed on a glaze of Brown Sugar & Pineapple Juice & put the fruit back on to caramelize during the last hour or so.

Ready for slicing...

Sliced and plated with some of the fruit. It was delicious even with a low salt level. The combo of the light Sugar Maple smoke with the subtle hints of the molasses from the brown sugar brine was just right. This one's a keeper!



The Rest of Christmas Dinner

While the ham was smoking away on the Stoven, our son got the MAK out so my wife could bake another one of her delicious Pumpkin Pie Layered Cheesecakes. Her mom's in town from Florida for the holidays and loves cheesecake (yay for me too!).


Applewood Smoked Duck for Christmas Dinner

A 6.5 lb duck spatchcocked then scored (to release the fat while cooking) and simply seasoned only with some salt, pepper & dried rosemary.

Onto the MAK at 275° - Apple Pellets.

Later a dish of wheat & cornbread stuffing was added (I love how stuffing tastes when done on the grill).

The duck was pulled at an I.T. of 165°. It smelled as good as it looked!

Time to eat!

I used BP's turkey carving tips to get these beautiful slices of duck breast. The duck was very rich and succulent. Even my daughter who doesn't like duck in Chinese restaurants, loved this. The gravy was made from the duck fat and broth from the trimmings & giblets. It was also rich & delicious.

I barely had room for dessert, but somehow manage a piece anyway!

Needless to say, we were stuffed. Thanks for sneaking a peek!
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Ribs and Veggies

I am new to pellet grilling, but here is one of my first meals I have made with my grill. I made ribs, twice baked potatoes, and grilled asparagus. I took a lot of ideas off of this forum and tweaked some and made my own adaptations. First I made my spice rub with sea salt, brown sugar, paprika, chipotle pepper, a little cinnamon, black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. It had a really good smokey and sweet taste. Below is a picture of my pre-meal.
View attachment 1048
Here is a picture of the ribs on the grill.
View attachment 1049
Here is the asparagus on the grill.
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Here is a close up of the ribs. Thank you Sparky... I had them at 275 for 3.5 hours and they turned out perfect. I used Woodchuck Apple Cider beer for moisture and that complimented my sweet and smokey flavor profile.
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Here is a picture of my final plate. Everything turned out great for my first complete meal using the grill. I can't wait to experiment some more. I will be doing a prime rib for the Rose Bowl next week!
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Oh my, this cook should get the prize. Anything with the words "duck fat" is out of this world. Great cook!
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Big Poppa

I count 12.....what did I is cooks not menu items.....I may just double it anyway....have you been naughty or nice?


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my wife made home made dough with her kitchen aid mixer.
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On the top rack at 450 degrees.
View attachment 1056
Cooking oh so nice and evenly.
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The finished product. The crust was crispy and not burnt. It was postively the best pizza done to date. Long Live The Mak. :D
This was a Hawaiian pizza but I decided to put jalapenos on my side because I had plenty to get rid of since I did Squirts Nut Recipe.

I did this tonight as a night after Christmas dinner so if it does not count I understand.
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[ I did this tonight as a night after Christmas dinner so if it does not count I understand.[/QUOTE]

Carter it counts.... BP gave the extension till midnight tonight due to the holiday....

I may not get to judging until tomorrow evening, so everyone please be patient....Thanks, its going to be a tuff one this week...


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Wow there are some great cooks this week. This was definitely not an easy week to judge. I'm going to get right to the winners, I am still at work and doing this on my phone. I really think all these entries where worthy of winning.

3rd: NorCal Smoker those blu cheese stuffed steaks looked fantastic and to add a blu cheese butter on top, very nice.

2nd: RickB, your version of surf and turf looked amazing. That lobster thermador is now at the top of my list. What a great looking meal.

1st: Tenthunter my mouth is now watering for a applewood smoked duck and to also add some stuffing and a duck fat gravy, awesome! Your ham also looked spectacular, I'm sure you had some happy guests after that meal.

Once again great job to everyone and thanks to BP for making this happen. Hope everyone had a great holiday.


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Congrats Cliff, Rick & Norcal smoker, awesome entries!

Great job Dan, I'm glad I wasn't in your shoes. Thanks BP!
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