Contest 2-17 come on and fire up that smoker....


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Brined Pork Loin with Stuffing and Horseradish Cheese

This is something new for us - took a pork lion and filleted it out so I could roll it back up with goodies!! First time I have done this and it turned out not to be as hard as I thought.

We are testing a new pork brine product for a friend so this was the perfect cook for it. Filleted it out and put it in the brine and into the fridge for a few hours to work some magic.

Prepared the stuffing and let cool before adding it on to the pork. Added the stuffing and some sliced horseradish cheese on top. Rolled it back up and tied it closed. Onto the Yoder for some smoking love!!

Done and ready to pull off the Yoder.

And lastly the money shot of the inside!! The taste was amazing and we will be doing more of this cook for sure - that horseradish cheese was an excellent find for this!! Enjoy.

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Whole deboned stuffed chicken

I bring to you Deboned Stuff Chicken.
I saute spinach, mushrooms, onion, garlic and sweaty italian sausage for the stuffing.

Then i deboned a chicken

Stuffed it added Feta cheese

Sewed it up and rubbed with evvo and some rub i had made

Put it on the smoker i hour at 180 the bump it up to 325

Done and resting

When i sliced it was very moist and oh so good.
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Chili's Baby Back Ribs

I was eating solo lastnight and figured eating light was the way to go. A simple dish of Ribs and a salad with ABT's to hold me over until the ribs were done.

Into the MAK burning oak set on smoke for one hour then set at 260º.


Getting some nice color now.


These turned out great! The best I have done so far!



The perfect bite! Just the way I like it!


Sorry for the fuzzy cell phone pics..


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Pulled beef

I started with these players - 7lbs of Chuck roast from Sams club, Head country and balsamic glaze for glue

All rubbed and ready

On 2 Star #106 with BD Hickory - 1 hour on SMOKE, then 225F

At an IT of ~150F, I boated with 1 sweet onion each and some a generous splash of cabernet sauvignon (Beringer 2008) red wine


Done - final IT ~208F - probe slides in like a hot knife into butter.



Plated with Garlic Alfredo penne pasta

We are DEFINITELY doing this again. The combination of the balsamic glaze, head country, red wine, onions and smoke was incredible. The meat pulled easily and was moist and tender.

And to wash it all down


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I'm not that scared.. I love this game!
Made some cheese stuffed meatballs. The players...

Soaked some bread in buttermilk

Cubed up some mozzarella

Milk and bread slurry is ready..


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cube of cheese .. gently wrapped the balls around..

Hit with some parm

On for a smoke bath for an hour

Put some garlic spread on a fresh bun..


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Comfort food Sunday.........I had some pork, beef & veal in the fridge leftover from making some Bolognese sauce yesterday (no pellets or pics) and needed to use it up. First thought was meatballs but we had pasta yesterday....... so meatloaf it is.......

the meats, garlic panko breadcrumbs, an egg, some roasted garlic, added after the pic - salt , pepper, some sauteed carrots, shallot, celery & pancetta


into the MAK at 275 until the end when I cranked it to 325 because I was hungry, some carrots tossed with some roasted garlic oil, s&p in there also

plated up - the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots and some roasted garlic beef gravy

when dinner came out put the temp on the MAK up to 350 and put in a brownie pudding cake

you mix up a batter, cover the batter with brown sugar and cocoa, then pour some boiling water over it

brownie pudding cake with a little whipped cream
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