Contest 2-17 come on and fire up that smoker....


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Simple night, just a few racks of ribs, sweet potatoes and beans. Two racks where rubbed with a mustard glue and plow boys the other I used a balsamic apple glaze and plow boys. Also added a few extras to the beans and sweet potatoes and onto the mak.


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Trio of Ribs off the Yoder

With all the rib post from Sparky lately I have been craving ribs myself. Haven't done ribs yet since the Yoder arrived and figure this weekend was it!!

Did 3 different seasonings all smoked with apple pellets and 2 with sauce and 1 plain.

The plain had a balsamic whiskey glaze with the Wee Willy's Whiskey Pepper - no sauce.

And next was a mustard base with Plowboys Bold, finished off with a Blue Hogs BBQ sauce.

Third was a mustard base and cinnamon chipolte rub seasoning, finished off with a Raspberry Chipolte sauce.

Here they are a couple hours in....

And again after some magic in the foil and some sauce and back onto the Yoder...

Final picture - one of the best ribs I have smoked to date.

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Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!

You learn something everyday on this site. What I learned today is that judging is harder than cooking.
I must say that until I found Big Pappa's I had no idea what cooks can accomplish, pellet smoking! Every time I visit the site the bar is raised even higher.
All of the submissions are award worthy!
Here goes.

1st place goes to, NorCal Smoker's Rack of lamb with artichoke, potatoes, and fresh tomato basil salad.

2nd place goes to, Wneil20's Whole deboned stuffed chicken.

3rd place goes to, Tatonka 3H2's Pork brined stuffed pork loin.

Congratulations to all of the winners.


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Congrats to the winners! All the entree's were great...

mossy which ones did you prefer?

The balsamic whiskey glaze with the Wee Willy's Whiskey Pepper and no sauce was not a show quality looking rib but the taste was excellent in my opinion. Great eat at home ribs but not for competition standards. I will double check and taste test for supper again tonight!


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this was a fun week. you ppl are amazing in what your cooking now a days. art was right, not to many ppl color within the lines here. i like it. congrats to the winners this week and thanks BP for letting us play.

Big Poppa

I played with a legendary rock guitarist once named Steve Vai....after the set I said "You play from a different corner of the schoolyard!" This is getting really strong.


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Unbelievable cooks everyone!!

It is so exciting to see what new come to the contest every week!
These are not every day burgers off the grill that is for sure.

Thanks BP!!
Wow! I can't say I anticpated that with all of the great cooks this weekend. Congrats wneill20 and Tatonka3A2! Thanks johnrrigg and thanks BP for letting us play. It makes it fun to try something different!


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Congrats to the winners. Great cooks, all. Can't wait until the next one starts. Looking forward to more "outside the lines" cooking.

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