Contest Contest!!!! Enter to win!

Big Poppa

This weeks contest is another great one Im kids are cooking some great stuff..the creativity and execution is stellar

First Place $25.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 credit to every entry!

Bring it on!!!!!!!


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Ok cooks to your grills! We eat with three senses. Sight,smell and taste. We can only judge one of these. So to make up for this we need great recipies, flawless execution and fabulous pictures. So tweak your recipies, show and explain how you cook it and make it look so good I want to take a bite out of my ipad screen! Good luck all.
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Looks like I'm first! Whooo!

Today before work I thought I would make burgers and onion rings on the MAK with a grilled mango and butter pecan ice cream for dessert. I hope the pictures turn out I used my iPhone for all of them.

This entire meal was a shoot from the hip type meal. Whatever I found in the house is what I used. I wanted a tasty burger and I had no hamburger..what to do hmmm. I found some tip steak in the fridge that was supposed to be for stir fry Saturday..sorry dear! I got out the meat grinder and ground it up after trimming it.






I made three equal meat balls to squish into patties.


Dusted with BP's Double Secret Steak Rub!


I waited until the rings were half done before the burgers went on.



Continued..tapatalk willing.

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Aight so far so good..tapatalk dont fail me now!

Where we're we?..oh yeah burgers just went on the open flame zone..smells gooood! We're burning BBQ Delight Oak today.

While the burgers are sizzling I cut the mango into two parts leaving out the tough center. I cut the mango into cubes taking care to not cut through the skin.


I made up a schmear to put on them out of cinnamon, dark brown sugar and wait for it...parkay! Cause I didn't have any butter in the house.


I took the mango schmear and spread it over the mango halves and set them aside.


Time to flip the burgers!


Let's cut the cheese! Smoked white cheddar that is!


And some veggies and toast some buns.







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Whoo wee check out the cheesy goodness! I love smoked cheddar!


Burgers are off and it's mango time!

Face down to caramelize the sugar.


While the mango is doing its thing let's assemble some burgers!

The wife won't do hot her burger is put together sissy style.
Onion, pickle and yellow mustard.
I was really wanting tomatoes too..can't wait until summer to pick my own!


For me I like the heat and the experience of the "Burn".
Onion, jalapeños and yellow mustard.


My first self ground burger! Time for a taste..


That is one tasty burger!! I can't believe I've never done this before! I'll use a bit more seasoning next time but dang it was good! The rings were nice and crispy too! I'm very satisfied!

Let's not forget the mango and ice cream for dessert!
It's looking good! This is my first grilled mango and won't be the last! It ranks right up there with grilled pineapple.




This dessert was excellent! The chewy caramelized edges of the mango and the butter pecan Ice cream..match made in heaven. The mango turned out better than expected, happy belly happy guy! Total time invested including eating..2 hours!

Thanks for looking!
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Don't forget that all entries in the contest must be posted in the contest thread. I got one entry so far. Come on gals and guys lets see some cooks tonight! Let's dazzal BP tonight with some great cooks. And the good part is you might pick his pockets.! Let's burn some pellets and make alot of people happy. Good luck.


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Wings five ways

I started with 9lbs of wings.

Fired up #106 to 375F, loaded up the wings. We cook them naked

While they were cooking I made up some sauces:

Red Raspberry Chipotle
Wasabi Honey Teriyaki
Traditional Wing sauce (Franks Hot, garlic, butter)

add some dry rubs:
Hot Jamaican Curry

They are looking done:

Red Raspberry Chipotle
This is definitely a keeper. I combined equal parts chipotle peppers in adobo sauce with red rasberry seedless preserves and took them for a spin in the food processor

Hot Jamaican curry (dry)
This was good, but lacked something I could not put my finger on...

Wasabi Honey Teriyaki
I combined 1/2 cup of kikkoman teriyaki with about 1 tablespoon of wasabi powder, then added about 1 tablespoon of honey. I brought it to a boil and added some corn starch mixed with some of the sauce.
The end result was too heavy on the teriyaki, not enough heat. Next time I will use less teriyaki and add some other liquid, probably wine, sake or something.

Traditional wing sauce with cajun rub
This is a "house favorite" around here. The combination of hot sauce, butter, garlic and cajun seasoning really wakes up the taste buds.

Traditional wing sauce with Hot Jamaican Curry.
This is what the curry needed!


We fed 5 people with 9lbs of wings. I did not get around to counting them, but there were none left over! Wash them down with a cold beer or two and we have a great meal.


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Stuffed Pork Loin

We bought a full pork loin from Sam's and cut it into quarters and chops.
Butterflied it so we could stuff it.
Rolled it up and threw it in a foodsaver bag with some SOW Pork Injection and Marinade. Let it marinade over night. In the mean time made some baguettes and dried the crumbs for the pieces for the stuffing.

Made the baguette stuffing and put a layer on the pork loin.

Then did a layer of fresh spinach.

Then some monterrey jack cheese.

Rolled and did some amateur butcher twine work, but it held it well.

Traeger set for 275 degrees.

Let it cook until 155 IT and let rest.

Sliced, man it looked great, and tasted great.


Thanks for looking!:cool:


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BLT Salad and Red Curry Chicken Kabobs.
The Team

Bacon cups, Took a muffin pan and weaved the bacon around it.

On The smoker at 350* for 45 minutes

Cups are done

Take the coconut milk,lime juice,fresh ginger,brown sugar, cumin, Thai red curry paste and pepper in the blinder

Pour it over the chicken in a bag and let rest for a couple of hours in the frig.

Ready for smoker

On the smoker at 350*

Salad is done

My Plate


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My oyster farmer customer dropped off some product again this week. Last week was just a test run, time to trick it up a bit.
The players:
View attachment 1401
Oysters into a beer/water bath.
View attachment 1402
Made up a rockeller sauce of sorts consisting of, 8 ounces each of mozzarella, Monterey jack, and fontina cheese. A carmelized onion and two cloves garlic, and a package of frozen spinach. And a healthy shot of black pepper.
Cooked the oysters in their bath at 300 until they were just starting to release. Took them off and pull the tops off and put the cheese mixture on top of the oysters and threw them back on at 250 for about 45 mins.
View attachment 1403
Best oysters I've cooked yet. Wonderful thing about pelletsmoking is that your efforts are rewarded almost every time.
Prawn season is next.

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Italian Chicken on angel hair pasta

Lastnight I made Italian Chicken on angel hair pasta.

Lets get started.


I started by layering the ingredients in the dutch oven. First some EVOO and garlic.


Then three skinless chicken breasts.


Then some green pepper and onion. Between each layer I added some italian seasoning.


Tomatoes added.


Into the MAK burning oak at 375°


While the italian chicken was stewing away I figured I would use the rest of the MAKS real estate and get some thighs going. I can have these for lunch the next couple of days.


We got some money, cajun soileaus and some HOT Buffalo sauce. I used chili EVOO for all of them.

Time to join the party! The only thing we're missing is the red solo cup!


After flipping them and cooking for about an hour lets see what we got.


OH YEAH there looking good!
A quick peak at the italian chicken too is in order.


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The italian chicken looks done to me..


The thighs are done too. Excellent timing!


And of course I have to sample one of each! These can be the appitizers ;)


Whooo the thighs were great! I'm stuffed but there's still more..


The main course..

Italian Chicken on angel hair pasta. Some fresh grated parm over the plate and a glass of wine to enjoy with it.




It was delicious! Nice and tender and not over seasoned. There was an ever so slight smokey taste which in my opinion makes it all better. This was another quick and easy meal. look out Rachael Ray I'm coming for your job! :D

Thanks for looking!
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Mrs and I have been to Cuba many many times... one of my fav places to vacation, great people and amazing food and drink. Seen this cooked elsewhere and I was inspired to try it..Here we go Cuban Ropa Vieja
Started last night.. rubbed a blade roast and let sit overnight..

Smoked for 3 hours..

Main players..


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This called for wine and I found this..#99 has to be a winner..

Bacon peppers and onion in a pan to soften...

Add tomato paste and spices..


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Into a bigger pan with crushed tomatoes and beef stock..

After 3 hours simmering took the beef out to shred..

Shredded and added some cappers and pimento..

Back in the sauce to meld...


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Some Chili and onion Nann bread..


Very much enjoyed.. ah memories of vacations..Now time to enjoy this baby in the hot tub with a full glass of #99..Thanks for looking!


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Smoky Bacon Jam and more, oh my!
(MAK Griddle first cook)

Susan was coming over for a breakfast lunch today so yesterday I started prepping.......

I have seen a few people cold smoking ketchup on another forum so I figured smoking some tomato juice might work as a good base for a smokey bloody mary

Recently King Arthur Flour did a blog post on making Bacon Jam , they made in a pan & a crockpot.... I thought about it and decided it would be a great recipe to adapt to the MAK griddle , so early this morning I put a couple pounds of bacon cut into 1 inch pieces into the griddle until crisp

drained out the grease, added a couple softball sized onions, garlic, cider vinegar, maple syrup, apple juice, coffee, a couple of bay leaves and later some brown sugar

cooked it all down til it looked like this

bay leaves out, little spin around the food processor

I think we both agreed that we would have been happy with a spoon and that batch of jam but there was more planned.....

to be continued


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because we didn't have enough bacon already a few strips on the grill, then some breakfast sausage I mixed up this morning into the griddle

then I mixed up some biscuit dough, rolled it out, some pesto on part, bacon jam on all

the sausage and some gruyere cheese

rolled it up cinnamon roll style and cut into slices


hash browns onto the griddle, when they were just about done pushed them back, some bacon on to heat up, and a couple of eggs

mixed up a couple of bloody mary's and plated the food


food was awesome, we had fun , our pups are happy & tired (they are best buds and had a great time playing)


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I was hoping to try my hand at beef wellington this weekend, beef prices made that a no go for the time being. I went with some chicken I had in the fridge and some stuff I was going to put on the wellington. I marinaded the buzzard in some homemade tzaziki I made the day before, rinsed the extra off and patted them dry.

I really wanted to add some punch to them so I made a topping out of a portabella garlic and bacon

Rolled out some puff pastry and added the two together.

I had 2 more breasts that will be lunch tomorrow. Here the team is ready to go.

On the Traeger with the tenders i hit with 2 rubs

Off and resting

My plate with some corn salad and mixed veggies with a bit of rice.

Served it up sparky style with a glass of milk. thanks for looking guys.


The Breakfast Burger

Decided to go easy this weekend with a lot goin on in my neck of the woods. Graduation is getting close for daughter #1 and she loves breakfast food and I love burgers so why not have both!!!

Lets get started: Set Mak 1 Star on high to get Mak Gridde and Grill Grates hot:

Gonna give the Griddle some love today:

While breakfast was cookin I decided to have a playoff. On the left is Chopped Sirloin with LLw/P, Double Garlic, and Double Secret. On the right is Ground Round approx. 80/20 with only MONEY!!!


All dressed up and ready to go!!

On the Mak: Flipped 'em only once

Threw on some eggs to finish:

All plated up and ready to eat: This is the Chopped Sirloin

As for which burger won? Doesnt matter its all good!!!
Chopped Sirloin was fab w/ the Dbl Secret and the Money was "On the Money"

Was a great day for the family and received a lot of compliments on the Ground Round w/Money (excellent yet complex flavor profile IMO) There's a lot goin on there BP and its all good!!!

Thanks for lookin
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