Contest Enter Enter Enter Everybody is a winner 6-22-12


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I asked the wife to pick up some stuff for burgers for me while I was at work. Here is what I found when I got home.

Ok no big deal lets see what I can come up with. I mixed the turkey burger with some LLwP, sage and melted butter. I wanted them a bit on the sweet side so I threw in a squeeze of honey, wrapped it up and left for a few hours. Came home and made patties.

On to the Traeger with some fries and bacon. Every burger needs bacon.

Off and getting some rest. I out some jalapeno gouda on the one in the back.

The wife made some guacamole and put some on hers.

I made some spicy apricot salsa for mine.

My plate with my fries and some garlic oiled green beans.

Thanks for looking guys.


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Rib eye, shrimp, Asparagus and garlic toast

Didn't get a pic of the steaks getting seasoned but used a combination of Tatonka Dust and Canadian Steak Seasoning. These were some rib eyes that we had drybag aged a while back.

Shrimp were season with Smoking Guns BBQ's Sweet Heat.


Asparagus was seasoned with roasted garlic olive oil and Big Poppa's Desert Gold.


Smoked the rib eye's for an hour with the tube pellet smoker and the Yoder off. Then turned up the Yoder to 500º for the sear. Here is a few pic's of them getting a true wood fired sear on the GrillGrates.



Rib eyes are resting, grill temp down and finishing the asparagus, shrimp and garlic toast.


Here are a few pics of the his and hers plates...


Thanks for looking!


Seven Pound Torpedo Fattie!

The MAK made a special appearance at the annual Church Cookout, where she cooked an almost 7 pound Italian Turkey Sausage fattie!

The Side shelf had to be removed to get it to fit in the back of my old mini-van. But we got her loaded up and off to the cookout.


Onto the Torpedo Fattie...

My friend Jason and I double teamed this one. He mixed up 4 pounds of Homemade Italian Turkey Sausage and put it into 2 gallon sized zipper bags while I made an almost 2 pound bacon weave. Layer on another pound of Roasted Red Pepper, onion & Mozzarella Cheese, roll it up and you end up with a 20 inch log totaling almost 7 pounds...



What to do with the leftover bacon? Pig Candy Baby- YEAH!


... and sliced.

Good food with great friends. It doesn't get much better!

Thanks for looking.


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I wish I would have seen the "theme" this week before we went to the grocery store. Oh well maybe next time.

Wanted to try something different this week and did a spin on a Greek style kabob.

Here are the players -

I removed the meat from the casings in order to shape meatballs and stuff some feta cheese inside. I placed the feta stuffed meatballs into the freezer for about an hour to firm up to making adding to the kabob stick easier.

My assembly line ready to go... I drizzled the olive oil over the mushroom caps and seasoned with BP Desert Gold seasoning.

On the Yoder getting some smoke at 150° for an hour - then bumping the heat up to 275°.

Every time I rotated the kabobs I brushed with the dressing. Here they are just a few minutes before coming off the Yoder.

All done and ready to eat - served with garlic toast and some Garlic & Olive Oil Vermicelli.

This was a VERY good meal - to my surprise Marty even said that it was probably one of the best tasting kabobs he has had.... this coming from a meat a potato guy!! :D


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Well now I know what you mean BP. Judging is not easy. I must have looked over this page 30 times. Here goes........

3rd place - Muebe. The ribs looked great but the bacon wrapped rack put it over the top. It's like wrapping happiness with happiness. This is now on the must try list.

2nd place - GAQue. Burgers and salmon are two of my favorite things, but I've never had them on the same plate. This will be on the table at our house very soon.

1st place - Chili head. I never thought of short ribs as a taco meat until I saw your post. Looks fantastic and the homemade salsas really made it stand out.

Great job everyone. I really did have a hard time deciding. Everything looked great. Now that this is finished I guess I should get some work done.......

Chili Head

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Thank you cmack!
Judging is hard! It's a double edged sword..nice to win but dang if you don't have to judge the following week.
Way to go GAQue and muebe!
Awesome food this week everyone!

Thanks BP!
Thanks cmack!


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You had a difficult week to judge, just like every week. It is hard to only award three places. So many great cooks to choose from. This gives a new perspective from having judged to trying to compete after that.

Congrats to the winners. Thank you BP for all your encouragement and the use of your playground.



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Looking good!

I was somewhere N of Houston over the weekend, and some pellets were burned in one of those AMZN thingamabobs. (I have to get me one of those!)

All I did was take pictures, and enjoy the food.. ;)


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Thanks for judging CMack.. I am just in awe of some of the meals cooked on here. Maybe.. someday.. in my best dream.. I will come up with something approaching the level of some of the ideas I have seen here. Till then, I will be happy that my wife thinks I'm a super star!


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another great contest. its just fun. alot of good cooks here. some of you ppl are amazing. those tacos were very cool. all and all a great week. :cool:

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Congrats to the winners! Great job, you three were my favorites in this week's contest!

Thanks CMack for judging and Big Poppa for the contest.

GA Que

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What a great and fun contest. I enjoyed all the compliments and also enjoyed what everyone else cooked. I can truly say all these dishes were winners and I plan to try a few out myself.
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