Deb is the Judge! This weeks contest! Enter and win big!


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Rib eye steaks

Sorry I am on-call for 7 days and normally do not cook but wanted to enter something. I ate after I got back in from outage because I am a lineman. Had cole slaw with it due to being in a hurry had to reheat but was still good.


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Great to see you back cooking sparky looked delicious I had to fly down and work in paradise,Oroville and surrounding towns once for a month. Sorry to hear it was snowing. Great cooks everyone.


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When i see the Piggly wiggly can coozie i know who it is...LOL

I'm with ya bro.


First cook on Stoven - Sliders, Mac & Cheese, Onion Blooms

Well I was busy making the Ham sticks so my wife & daughter got supper ready and they picked what we were eating. My daughter chose and made BBQ Burger Sliders & the wife made the Mac & Cheese & they both made the Onion Blooms. And I cooked it all... on the new pellet grill :).

The kid did a good job seasoning the burgers, don't ya think?


All went on the new pellet grill. I used the Hasty Bake grill extender and it all fit beautifully (even the dutch oven full of mac & cheese). I also threw on a few hickory pellets onto the heat diffuser for some extra hickory smoke flavor.

Everything stayed on about a 300° grill for just over and hour and was very delicious!

Thanks for looking!


Ham Sticks (Inspried by Nepas)

Once again I found myself incredibly inspired (thanks NePaS), so I just had to do something about it ;)!

I decided to make from fresh Ham Sausage using a couple of pork roasts with a nice thick fat cap.

To speed the curing process along, I boned and sliced it up into 1/2" slices and pieces. Everything went into a curing brine for a couple days. This got stirred a few times per day to be sure everything stayed as submerged as possible & got brined evenly.

After two days in the brine I changed the water and let it soak a little of the salt out then ground the meat into fresh Ham Sausage. This gave me about 7+ lbs which divided into three bowls. I mixed three different flavors: Honey, Brown Sugar & Spice & a Maple with Red Hot Pepper.

Stuffed and on the smoker. I setup some lump charcoal using the minion method and a couple packs of hickory pellets.

Done and cooling. Hey wait a minute somebody cut a few pieces off already ;)

Maple with Red Pepper on the left & Honey Ham sticks on the right.

These things are unbelievably good. The Maple & Hot pepper are my favorite; they have just a little kick at the end that's very nice and goes really well with the maple.


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Everything looks GREAT!!! I don't think I could judge this, Good Luck Deb!

We did practice ribs, even got pics, but they don't compare to what you guys have done this week. I'm sure we will get them posted in the photo thread at some point. lol.


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This is such a tough job…… There is not a single thing that I wouldn’t be very happy to eat…… great job everybody!!!

Squirt started us off by lighting the way……..

Nepas - Chili w/ sweet bacon cornbread - wow, an awesome three meat chili topped with smoked farmers cheese and then the cornbread crumbled up in the chili – just the way I like it. Then to top it all off I think you revealed one of your secrets – the lemon juice to wake up the tomato. I saw your chili and almost jumped in the car………

Rip – Ciabatta Panini sammies and personal pizzas – I want them all…… melty fresh mozzarella – it doesn’t get better than that… Great use of the grill grate – I’m going to steal that - it’s perfect for a Panini….
SOW chicken meets Desert Gold - spatchcocked chicken , asparagus , twice baked potato is the perfect meal, add a choice of beer, flowers for the table and brownies and ice cream for dessert – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Bflodan – Pork Loin with Roasted Raspberry Chipolte Sauce - love raspberry chipotle on pork. That pork loin looks so good .
The “its 12am and can’t sleep” pork butt….. what a way to cure insomnia! Sliders w slaw, beans and potato salad – that is one great meal. Love your outdoor cleaner!

Sparky - Chicken breast three ways, twice baked potatoes and Jeanie’s bacon wrapped corn for your wife. She is a lucky woman to have you cook for her.
Ribs 4 Deb - awesome as usual - Sparky & Ribs – two words that belong together – Not sure if everyone noticed but Sparky invited us all over for ribs!
Bribery Butts - awesome pork butts, if I was your wife’s boss I would give her a very happy raise!

CarterQ - Sausage & Peppers - beautiful, I love sausage and peppers and you are right – the bread is key. I love the way that you use your griddle, you have me wanting to buy a MAK griddle and I don’t even have a MAK

Squirt – Playing with food pairings - LOL – I could tell Mrs. C was out of town before I got to the end. Nice food pairings, looks a lot like what happens here when I’m gone.
Classic BBQ pairing – Pork butt & Smoke – one of my favorite pairings

Malawoo – that steak looks like it was a fitting meal for a tough day. Love the grill marks. Great job.

Tenthunter - First cook on the Stoven – Sliders, Mac & Cheese & Onion Blooms. Wow, I was craving burgers the other day and wish you had been cooking for me. It’s interesting the way that you do the sliders. It looks like the first cook on the Stoven was a great success!

Ham Sticks – Incredible – those look so good, love the three different flavors. I think it’s very odd that some always disappear, what is with that …….

1st place - Rip - SOW chicken meets desert gold
2nd place- nepas - Chili w/ sweet bacon cornbread
3rd place - CarterQ - Sausage & Peppers


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Congrats Rip, nepas and CarterQ and great job to everyone else!! Alot of excellent looking stuff this week, couldnt have been easy to judge!! Deb that was a great rundown on everybody!! Great Work!


Great cooks everyone! Congrats to this weeks winners.

Seeing those sausage & peppers flowing out of the sausage rolls made me hungry. That chili looked great especially since its been so cold here this week. And here's a mathematical certainty: SOW Marinade + Desert Gold + Rip = Beautiful looking chicken!


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congrats to all the winners. another week of great cooks. we should start a cookbook with all food being produced here. nice work everyone. good job deb. :)


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Thanks Deb! Congrats to nepas and! Another week of great cooks. This couldn't have been easy Deb, not only the quality, but the variety! Hats off to all. Thanks BP for sponsoring the contest and the forum! Tent, pls post details in the gallery about your slider cook!
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