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damn, that was fantastic carter. want to adopt a large child. or do you need uncle sparky to baby sit the kids. plz leave leftovers in the frig when you leave. what do you do for a living? you make some of the most tasty stuff. central california, hmmmmm. need to head to the bay area for awhile. heh, carter. if me and the mrs rent a place in capitola you and your family can come but ya have to cook partner. i bring FT's for us and juice for the kids. i can teach the kids how to surf. :)


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SRG, Alder Pellets-N-Legs

Doing 4 legs for my wifes work lunch this week. Using some EVOO with Tasty Licks Tex Mex.

Been in fridge for 3 hours now.

Putting alder pellets around the Tommy ring

Now let em cook-n-smoke


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partyyyy at carter's. i get to sleep next to his mak. maybe some cooking knowledge will be tele-ported over to me. like that grateful dead concert at candlestick park. like that. :cool:


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Swordfish, not just a bad Travolta movie anymore!

Been trying different fish and this weekend it was Swordfish time. Marinated for a bit with some Veri Veri Teriyaki and some other stuff we had laying around. Got some Little Louie's w/Black Pepper. Didn't really know what do do with em so I put em on the MAK for a bit on smoke for about 30 minutes while the BSK heated up to around 600 degrees and then they got about a minute and a half on each side high and hot. Turned out great, wish I had more pictures.

Poor pics this week, wife was off duty.




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Wow. Pellet Smoking Road Trip with possible surfing lessons! Does it get much better? Count me in Sparky and yes, I do answer to Sue. Now packing my wet suit.

smoker pete

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You guys are out of luck. I'm just over 100 miles up North from Carter's house. I can be there before you guys finish packing :D :cool:


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In it to up the pot

A pretty regular cook this week; not much special.
We hosted our semi-regular Dinners for 8 group dinner tonight. I did some baby back ribs; my wife made Mac and Cheese. The others brought appetizers (battered/deep-fried jalapenos anyone?), rolls, a Caesar salad with parmesan cheese crackers with a marscapone/strawberry tart for dessert.

We rubbed the ribs Saturday night with some memphis-style rub. They went on the MAK at noon-thirty today. 250 degrees for 5 hours. They ran about an hour longer than expected.

4 racks on top; 2 on the bottom with a water pan (barely visible on the bottom left). I wanted to try adding some moisture.

While they cooked, we did the misé en placé for the Mac and Cheese.


You can see my big feet in the picture ;)

After 5 hours on the smoker, I cranked up the heat on the MAK to high and turned on the Weber gas grill. Spread some Kansas City style sauce and grilled them for about 15 minutes .

Dinner is served



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Beef Ribs with a MAK'D Caeser and MAK N Cheese Bites

Something I dont to often enough are Beef Ribs!! Also been throwing the Caeser idea around in my head... While at Trader Joes today we saw the mac bites and thought they would be good on the MAK...We where right!! Did some Chicken Quarters for my Wife and Son..

Started with some pretty meaty Beef Ribs... A little CT as glue and then some BP Little Louies with Pepper, DSSR, and OCS'N'H.. Did the Chicken with CT and a little Plowboys.


Took a couple Romaine Hearts and sprayed with a little Olive Oil and threw on some prehated grill grates...Made a quick Caeser Vinaigrette and also threw the MAK Bites on..





Ribs where great...Sauced with some Rufus Teague, the Caeser Romaine was Excellent, will do that again for sure, and the MAK N Cheese Bites where really good, if any of you have a Trader Joes in the area I would recommend them!


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Delicious. I may have to go back and work on my beef rib recipes! And a trip to Trader Joe's is in my near future.


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Butts for Putts

Smoked up 100 pounds of butts for a charity golf outing... The winning foursome gets 10 pounds per golfer, plus a bottle of Starne's BBQ sauce.

BBQrs Delight Hickory and a concoction of leftover rubs brought the flavor.



Smoked Meatballs and Spaghetti

One more for fun

Had plans to have a bunch of friends over on Sunday and my wife mentioned "we don't have to barbecue, we could just do something simple like spaghetti and meatballs" Sounds good to me, lets smoke the meatballs! She had to know that was coming.

Here we go

Grind up some beef, pork and veal


Add in eggs, romano cheese, bread crumbs, garlic, salt and pepper, fresh parsley, Italian seasoning, and a little water


Mix it up


Make the meatballs and onto the MAK running @300 for about an hour


Meatballs all done


Into the sauce


While the sauce is simmering and the meatballs were smoking my wife made some fresh pasta (remember her let's do something simple comment?)



Time for dinner, served the meatballs and sauce over fresh pasta along with a caprese salad, green salad and garlic bread.


This came out awesome, the meatballs had a nice smoky flavor along with the sauce, I highly recommend giving meatballs a whirl on your pellet cooker.
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wow, thats fantastic meal. carter, ask your wife if she wants to adopt a big kid. i do dishes. :)
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