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Ok. Not until I sat down to determine this weeks winner had I realized just how hard this was going to be. I narrowed the list initially to 8 cooks and narrowed that list down to the three I posted below. But before I get there let me just say congratulations and thank you to everyone who posted. Every entry had me craving some Q and there wasn't a meal posted I wouldn't have jumped at the opportunity to taste in person!

I'm also going to just get to the meat and potatoes of this weeks contest. I literally do not have enough adjectives in my vocabulary (nor does my thesaurus) to properly recap every delicious looking cook.

Third Place:
Carter Q - Smoked Meatballs and Spaghetti
Carter! Your cook looked fantastic! I'm a big proponent of homemade ingredients and I think you nailed it! I love the fact you made your own meatballs from scratch as well as your pasta. Smoked meatballs and a side of caprese salad. Sheesh! Fresh ingredients are so important in flavor and I'd bet my bottom dollar your dish tasted fantastic! Thank you!!

Second Place:
Susan - Smoked Plum Tomato Sauce with Hot Turkey Italian Sausage
I must say every picture I scrolled thru in your entry was like looking at a money shot. Each picture in the process looked like a meal in itself. The pic of tomatoes, garlic and red onion reminded me of a caprese salad I might have at an Italian cafe. The sausage smoking along side the dutch oven containing all the ingredients to make that sauce. The final plating of the romaine heart with creamy, fresh grated Parmesan cheese dressing along side the freshly made sauce and smoked sausage atop pasta was what did it for me. I just wanted to dive in! A great presentation that I'd bet tasted even better than it looked! Thank you!!

First Place:
Squirtthecat - Butts for Putts
Seriously? 100 lbs of pork shoulder? An overnight cook? 3 separate cooks on 2 smokers just to get them all done? And in the rain? With temps near 50 degrees?? And all for charity?? Plus a leaning tower of pork???

My friend, you deserve it this week. The pork looked awesome. The effort you exhibited cannot go unrecognized. And I'm sure you made 4 golfers extremely happy with your generosity and hardwork. (I just wish I had been in that foursome!)

What else can I really say? I'm sure there isn't a member here who would disagree with me.Your donation of time, effort and results are beyond expections!! I salute you!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week. And finally, it goes without saying THANK YOU to BP for putting this all together along with his generosity. Where else do you get 5 bucks to post pics of food??


Another great contest in the books, congrats to Susan, Squirt and everyone that entered - food was flat out amazing again! Thanks again to BP for giving us the forum and contest incentive week in and week out. And last but not least a big thank you to Dragan for judging, it ain't easy brother and you did a great job.


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Great cooks everyone, everything looked awesome- Congrats to Squirt, Susan & Carter ! Dragan - judging is not an easy task but you did a great job.


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Congrats to Squirt, Susan, and Carter! Great job by all entrants...Dragan, thanks for judging...not as easy as it looks, eh? Thanks for the playground BP!


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Congrats Squirt and Carter! Another week of great cooks. Thanks for judging Dragan! It's not an easy job.
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