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TentHunter was right on the mark when he stated I’d have my work cut out for me judging this week’s entries. There is a lot of talent and creativity represented here and I find it remarkable that technology has provided us the platform to display and share these talents. And thank you Big Poppa for your incentive to encourage participation.

I know that it’s sometimes customary to recap the individual entries submitted but as a newbie judge and given the number of participating cooks this week, I’m going to keep this short and move right into the meat of the matter. I do want to state that every entry had me wishing I could have been joining each one of you for dinner.

Here were go:

Third Place: CarterQ. Florentine Stuffed Chicken Breasts. This was one elegant cook and nice pairing of flavors for the stuffing! The Prosciutto brought a whole new dimension to the palate and your grilled peppers and zucchini were done to perfection. The Balsamic vinegar for the pasta salad set it apart from the norm and complemented the whole meal. The plating was very appealing. Job well done. Thank you.

Second Place: TentHunter. Vidalia Onion Peach Ribs. You had me with the Vidalia onions! I could taste the combination of bourbon, onions and peach and red pepper flakes for a punch of heat and add peach pellets to the mix and you created one great flavor. The potato puffs were a great side to complement these special ribs. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

First Place: Sirius76: Seis de Mayo. You rocked it this week with your spatchcock, shredded, smoked chicken, black bean and mole sauce, guacamole, smoked Elotes and the finishing touch, the Flan. This whole cook had me drooling as you brought each side into play to complete a delightful, tasty and well-timed Mexican meal. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Congratulations.

Thanks to everyone for this week’s wonderful submissions of really great foods. If you haven’t had the honor of sitting in the judge’s hot seat, you have no idea how hard it is to pick the top three but it’s fun. And for all of you who worked Bourbon into your cooks, I loved it. Although I missed the Kentucky Derby, it was nice to see Kentucky represented in your wonderful creations.


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Good job Susan, this was another great week of entries. Congrats to Dragan, Cliff, and Carter! Thanks BP!

Big Poppa

Vaughn You get a photobucket accoung and use the img code fro cut and paste here to show your pics...just for entering you get a $5 store credit...save them up and soak me! The winner of the previous week is the current weeks judge1


Congrats Dragan, Cliff, and all the entrants! Another week of solid cooks proving again why this site is so great, it's all about the food! Special thanks to Susan for judging and for BP for making possible! Looking forward to next week already!


Wow! First, Thank you Susan for judging this week. That was a lot of superb entries to wade through. I can't believe how this contest just keeps growing and getting better.

IFTD, those sticky ribs had me licking my fingers! I'm stealing that recipe.

CarterQ... wow!!!! Classic Italian at it best!

Dragan (Sirius76) Way to rock it this week! Second week in a row that a newcomer has taken first place. Well deserved! Thank you Rip for leading this guy in our direction!

Dan, Honeycomb crusted Korabuta Pork Rack... Man those words just roll off the tongue so easily; just saying it makes the mouth start watering. Awesomely beautiful cook.

I could keep going on about all the entries, but I have to go to work.

I'll wrap up by saying congrats to everyone on getting to eat what you cooked. Judging by what was posted it's safe to say there were a lot of happy Mothers.

I like what Rip says; We're cooking all this great food anyway, posting it in the contest is just icing on the cake!

Have a great day everyone!


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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Anja and I were completely surprised by the first place win! We were telling each other just how excited we were to cook the meal, let alone enter this weeks contest. Now we won! This is been too much fun!!

We also want to thank all the other entries. It gave us some great ideas for some future cooks.Thanks to Cliff and Carter of course.

Susan. Thanks for judging! You definitely had you're work cut out for yourself and now you've put me in the hotseat. Next week will be my opportunity to judge all this fantastic cooking and I'm sure it won't be any easier!!

Finally, thanks to BP for setting this up for us. Its a great opportunity for all of us to share this great hobby and that little carrot dangling in front of all of us makes it just that much sweeter!



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congrats to the winners and susan (do ya ever go by sue?) for judging. thats BP for all this. its fun. its cool to see the new ppl taking prizes. i play just to see what everyone else post. i tell ya what, i am trying TH rib recipe. it looks good.
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