First fatty


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Wanted to give a fatty a try as the pictures I've seen look so good. So here is my first shot at one.

Fatty assembly. Used the zip lock bag trick I've seen in a few other posts, it worked well. Hot sausage with a 4 cheese blend, onions, poblano, jalapeno, and yellow bell peppers for filling. Some plastic wrap under the bacon weave would have helped get it on tighter, made a bit of a mess of the bottom. And it seemed over-filled when folding the sausage.

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Onto the mak for about 2 hours, 40 min @230.

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My son's plate:

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Quite tasty. I think there was a bit too much rub (my son went a bit heavy) and it could have used 10-15 min more grill time to get the veggies a bit softer. And despite seeming over-stuffed when prepped it felt like it could have used even more filling once cooked (mine looks quite thin compares to some others I've seen).

Obviously I will have to do more research...


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I'd eat that! Looks Great! I've only done one, and to avoid overstuffing, I only piled the filling along the center.


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I also put my filling more in the center...the beauty of the fatie is that you can do tons and tons of variations keep playing with it and get you signature one!


Excellent job with your first fattie!

Big Poppa said:
the beauty of the fatie is that you can do tons and tons of variations.

That's exactly why I love 'em so much. Like BP said, keep playing with them and you'll think of lots of your own combos.
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