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First Ribs on the MAK

CDN Smoker

New member
This morning woke up to -18C, (-0.4F), doing ribs anyway.

Had some BB's in the freezer that need to get used up.

Here they are seasoned up with Jan's on two and Cowboys on two. I always thank Jan for her rub.

MAK 1351, lots of snow here

Into the foil, butter, brown sugar and 5 Alive. Did not have apple juice

All sauced up with Sweet Baby Rays, Hicory and brown sugar.

Had to try this, BPS Taters

All finished up

Salad, kinda

I did the BB's with a 2-1.5-.5 and they came out dry. Taste was good along with the flavour. Temp was held @ 225 thru out.

Potatoes were very good, maybe a touch more

Thanks for viewing
CDN Smoker


New member
Well I have to say they look great. But I have to question the time and temp. A 4 hour cook at 225 with an ambient temp of zero? I would like to hear what everyone else says.


Ahhh... you have learned a harsh truth about cooking in colder climates. The colder it is, the less moisture there is in the air.

Air that cold and dry can literally, suck the moisture out of whatever you're cooking, and it doesn't take long on thinner cuts like ribs. Try adding a pan of hot water in the grill to raise the humidity level which helps keep the moisture from evaporating out of the ribs. When humidity is high, it's not as critical. Winter time is when I find it really helps.


CDN, that's almost the same timing I use when cooking at 275 and you were at 225. I think they were under done. Well, the loin meat on top was overdone but the meat between the bones was underdone. Your timing at 225 should be more like 3-2-1.
Get yourself some spares amigo!!

CDN Smoker

New member
Under orders to clean out the freezer, going to be more careful on my buying.

I have had fall off the bone actually, can hardly get them out of the foil. I was trying for the sweet spot.

Thanks for your comments


New member
I follow the sparky method of going 250 for 4 hours with an hour of FL after the 2 hours of smoke. I have found that the hour of FL adds the moisture back that the cold prairie air steals. My baby backs this weekend turned out pretty well and I was right around the freezing mark as well.

Big Poppa

Ok first off the guy who came up with the 3 2 1 must not have teeth...I never ever teach that.
Two and two is fine and find your temp 275 would be great at that....

I really like three and 1 on pellet cookers or water smokers...275 depending on the ribs Costco swqift spares I cook at 250 ibp charimans reserve at 275 bb's 250


New member
Ribs & All look terrific. . . The weather on the other hand not so much. Guess I am spoiled living in So. Cal.
Nice cook and thanks for sharing.
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