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Lots of great cooks.I will not be entering anything this week. I did do several cooks snapped pictures and everything went to download the pics and WOW I forgot to put the memory card in. WEll any way nice cooks everyone.


This week may not have broken any records for number of entries, but I think you guys raised quality & technical bar up a notch or two. I love the layering of flavors in this week's entries.

I asked for great desricptions and I sure got some - Lovin' it!

Here's a quick recap of the entries:

BfloDan - Halibut Tacos with Smoked oysters in an avocado/roasted salsa sauce. What a great way to set the pace for the contest and congrats on the expectant little one.

FLbentrider - Perfectly executed prime rib featuring an amazing looking perfectly seared crust.

CarterQ - Italian style Sirloin with stuffed Zucchini. Incredible description.

SmokerPete - Great twist on a classic dish; Fish & Chips. Then followed it up with Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Bleu (Mmmm... Bacon).

Deb - Tacos Decebrada (shredded beef) with an amazing Rice, Roasted Veggie & Black Bean Salad. Its a delicious mouthful just saying that!

Susan - Apricot glazed smoked pork chops, smoked Zucchini & caramelized onions. Another amazingly descriptive entry.

Rip - Homemade Shrimp Burgers - Key Lime Pie - and yet another great description of the flavors.

Sparky - Pulled pork Enchiladas. WOW!!! My friend that has to be one of the most delicious things I've ever seen you post.

Now down to the nitty gritty of selecting the three finalists. You guys do NOT realize how close it was this week with the level of cooks presented. Two entries basically tied for first place so they became the first & second place entries. Third place was the hardest to choose.

So without further ado...

Third Place - Deb a while back you mentioned that you needed to focus on side dishes. Well you have and your side dish has won you Third Place! Don't get me wrong, the whole meal looked incredible, but your description of the slightly smoky spiciness of the rice already had me going. Then you went on to tell about the Fire roasted veggies & corn, and then how you brought it all together with the dressing of spices and tangy lime juice. It had my mouth watering BEFORE I even saw the final picture of that dish!

These next two basically tied, but I had to place them so here goes...

Second Place -
Rip. Shrimp burgers. I know you didn't invent them, but you sure made us all want them! And Key lime Pie... WITH...

yes I read it and loved it... a smoky graham cracker crust. Great description of ALL the various flavors that pushed this out front.

and now...

First Place - Susan!

Just look at that last picture in her post and read her description.
The chops were a tasty blend of zip and sweetness on the tongue...

How could you NOT love that? I can actually taste the smoky, sweet, tangy apricot glaze on those chops.

Great way to show your use of pellets (and FrogMats). Susan you rocked it this week; Congrats on first place!

Edit: I want to thank Everyone who entered! It was truly an honor judging these entries! Third place was incredibly hard to chose I debated for over two hours straight trying to narrow it down. Also Thanks to BP for his generosity and the way he constantly encourages us to push our limits.
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Great job everyone! Thanks Cliff for another tough week of judging. Love the creativity and skill of the cooks, definitely makes this a great site where the food is the showpiece! Thanks again too to BP for making it all possible.


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Wow, what a week of entries! Great job Susan & Rip! Susan told me Sunday night that she should have been mowing the lawn and not cooking, I"m guessing this morning she has decided that she made the right choice. Thanks Tenthunter & Big Poppa.


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Thanks Cliff! Tough duty this week brother. Congrats to Susan and Deb! What a great job by all who entered, a lot of stuff got added to my list. Thanks BP!


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Thanks everyone, especially Deb who educated me about pellet smoking and guided me here. There are so many great entries each week that I'd love to take an extended road trip and dine with all you great cooks. Thanks Tenthunter and BP.

Big Poppa

Thank all of you....I think Im going to make next years Big Poppa Calender with the 12 best....Who is going to judge that one????


Great job to all the winners and everyone else that participated! Thanks BP for putting this on, its another reason to look forward to the weekend!!
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