July 29th Contest! WHoop WHoop WHoop Waa Laa Everybody cashes in


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Tri Tip, 3 Half Chickens, Twice Baked Potatoes, Balsamic Chokes and Mak Brulee pt 1

Started with a nice large Sin City Tri Tip..Did a marinade with some of Upstate NY's finest and finished with some SO CAL BP Love..

3 Half Chickens with some Garlic EVOO and some more SO CAL BP Love..

Steamed some small Chokes cleaned them out and did a balsamic vinaigrette marinade.

Potatoes baked on the MAK last night and cooled in the fridge till today...Shredded with a grater and mixed with white chedder, SC, and some salt and pepper...In a Pan and topped with some more chedder..


Chicken went on first at 275 followed by the TT and the Potatoes...Pulled the Tip at 120, Chicken was sitting at 155 worked out perfect...Cranked the MAK to high...Threw my TT and Chokes on my new Searing Grate for a few min per side and pulled..




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Pt 2




And then it was time for Desert... Actually did these earlier and let them chill for about 6 hours..Decided to do my favorite..Creme Brulee..Although it took a little longer than inside it was fantastic..Started with the usual, then onto the stove, into the ramkins and water bath then onto the MAK at 365



Another great meal thanks to my MAK...



Torched it then added some berries..



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The deadline has passed so no more entries please. :)

Guys, these are some truly high quality entries and I have my work cut out for me (but I'm loving it). I have to play in a concert this evening, so I'll post the results after I get home, eat a little something and type them up.


Alright, let's get right down to it. My first comment: So many great cooks so few prizes :(. The quality was really up there this week making it truly a pleasure to be in the hot seat and not competing against you guys this week!

We had one newcomer and one relative newcomer: JeffCO & Deb's son Kevin. Great cooks! Please keep them smokers & the food rolling & keep posting... BOTH of you!!!

Third place always seems to be the hardest one to chose. The contenders were:

Susan. How do you do it week after week? your plates always look so healthy and so delicious. I'm so glad Deb introduce you to us. :)

PatrickCT, all that meat, I'm honored you chose to try my cabbage rolls. But, what I really like is that you said you wanted to try and make some sausage, you did & you had a great time with it. What's best is you made not one, but two kinds of sausage and they both turned out great (not to mention the chicken legs & your neighbor's venison kielbasa)!

Rip, You smoked your heart out this weekend. I especially liked the Bacon Pralines (I'm trying those) and those poppers are simple but I know they were smoky delicious. We forget sometimes that simple is truly great.

Third place: Pat (SquirtTheCat), I can't recall ever seeing a turkey meatloaf that looked better than that! Congrats my BBQ brother, that meatloaf gets Third place!

Second place: goes to Dan (383inTheD). I love eggplant and have been wanting to try some on the smoker. Eggplant smoked & stuffed with a lamb stuffing. That is a winning dish that I'll be trying soon.

First Place: Goes to another Dan...bflodan. You already had me with the perfectly executed tri-tip, grated baked potato & cheddar dish & artichokes. But to follow it up with Crème Brûlée. That just pushed me right over the edge brother. Well done! Now I know anything can be cooked on a pellet grill/smoker!

You've heard that saying, "Out of the frying pan and into the fire." Well My friend it's "Out of the smoker and into the hot seat," for you!

Now I think I want a plate of Sparky's seafood, a Fat Tire, Oh and some bacon pralines and definitely on of those Crème Brûlées...

Good night all! :)
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Congratulations to this weeks winners. The meals get better every week. It is really difficult to come up with something even slightly innovative. ALL the entrants have a lot of plusses to their credit. The judging keeps getting more and more difficult. Thanks BP for bringing the best out of everyone.



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Thanks for the fine words Tent...Congrats to 383 and Squirt and everyone else that entered...Its tough competition out there, and thanks again BP for putting this on..
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